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Where do I find a Pichu in Pockeman Scarlet & Violet game.

Where do I find a Pichu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet game

Catching pokemon as mch as one Can is one of the altimate goals in playing Pokeman Scarlet and Violet game. The procedure in catching is not too simple but we I will teach you and easy hack to do that with less stress.


Catching The Cutest pokemon can give you a head shot at the start of every game, it simplifies the entire game and gives you more confidence in the field. The question is how do I get a pichu? You can either find this in the wild or through mystery gifts in Pokeman & violet.

Where do I find a Pichu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet game.

Where do I find a Pichu in Pockemon Scarlet & Violet game.



Personally I was able to find this it in a region along the

  • South East Mesagoza
  • The North-East Los Platos
  • East Province
  • West region around area 3.


These are regions I have seen this stuffed and they are cool. Pros in the game should know this location already but incase you don’t , this is a quick description of where it’s located on the Map. You can find Pichu by climbing the cliffs close to the Los Platos region

Once you approach this region be vigilant, Pichu is likely to appear close in the area. That’s the bank of the Field.

The best directives to get this done is by going toward the high grounds once you are around the north eastern region. That aside, you should look out for high grounds.

Aside that, you can also go to the southern region, here there’s also a wild Pichu hanging around this region.

Your Pikatu will evolve immediately you are able to estabish a good relationship between The Pichu you find in the area. One thing I will advice is that there’s a possibility that you might not see Pichu around you even when it’s in sight.

My Candid advice is that you switch you camera into many views and turn around to view the area because it can disguise itself sometimes. Once this is done , a Raichu becomes possible.


Where to catch a Pichu in Pockemon Scalet & Violet
Los Platos region


Below are Pokemon roaster that you can find in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet





Paldean wooper

Grafaiai Gimmighoul (Chest form )











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