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Christ left to heaven to prepare a place for Christians in heaven. Indeed the second coming is near, What Should I Do While Waiting For Rapture? this a question all Christians in the world keeps asking their selves while they prepare for the second coming of Christ as promised during his ascension. Article will help Christians prepare for the second coming.


The medical process is complete. You lie there trying to regain your bearings. Now for the challenging part. awaiting the outcome. Perhaps someone you love is the one being tested and not you. The waiting would seem impossible in that situation. We are aware that we shouldn’t worry. What can we do while we wait, knowing that God is in control?
Are you still waiting for something for which you have prayed earnestly but to no avail? Do you ever feel as if you are being pushed to the absolute edge of your capacity? There isn’t a single one of us, I don’t think, who hasn’t experienced this. We often believe that waiting is a total waste of time in our fast-paced environment. Our lives are often dominated by activism and a results-driven way of living. We have a really tough time waiting because we want results right now.
Did you realize that waiting might be used strategically to achieve success in prayer? The fact of delay is now being faced by many Christians. They are now in a waiting phase. The time frame is longer than anticipated. Could the Lord Himself have planned and implemented all of these delays? Could He be putting His people through a very large preparation process, and only He knows how He must do it by putting them through a period of prayer and closeness first?


What to do while waiting for Rapture to Happen

Lord, I praise You that You will grant my requests in Your due time. Please expose my innermost thoughts, and prepare me to respond appropriately when you do. Help me to continuously and persistently pray in confidence, to trust, to wait, and then to go forth in Your time. Help me to be persistent in prayer, to not give up, and to have faith in You even when I am experiencing unpleasant feelings. I choose to live by my religion rather than my emotions. Please don’t let me try to handle things on my own. I make the decision to put my faith in you and I reject the enemy’s falsehoods. I make the decision to consistently pray (Colossians 4:2). Give me a better grasp of what You are doing in my life and help me to comprehend it more thoroughly. I make the decision to steadfastly adhere to the optimism I preach (Hebrews 10:23). Just like You did with Your apostles when they encountered a storm at sea, test my faith while I wait (Matthew 8:23-27). I am grateful that You are all-wise and will grant my requests in the most suitable manner. Amen, in the name of Jesus. Deborah Przybylski

Here are 10 activities you may engage in as you wait for God.


1. Pray At all times

It’s necessary to pray. But it’s beneficial to include others in this process. Lesson: Luke 8:27–36 Have you ever wondered why Jesus let the demons in the man to enter the pig herd? Why did God let the pigs to perish? Then it dawned on me. By this point, Jesus had already performed several miracles. And some of them may or may not have been shared. But the fact that a herd of pigs fell down a cliff and perished as a result. The majority of people would remember the tale.
We sometimes experience events that test our faith. Praying with others has two advantages:

Others develop spiritually as they see God grant their participation-based petitions.

Check out 1 Peter 5:7. We are instructed by God to place our worries in his hands. Why? God is the only one who really cares about us. God is a concerned Father about everything that troubles us, just as I was when my small grandson misplaced his prized Lightning McQueen automobile.


2. Study Reality of the Word of God

We all have books that we read that give us strength when times are tough. Perhaps you have a favorite verse from the Bible. Perhaps you like learning poems by heart so you can reflect on them while you are going through a difficult moment. Waiting is challenging. When Satan begins to lie to us, we may spot it by focusing on what is true.

He’ll divulge details like: you don’t matter to God. You’re not heard by him.

He won’t respond since you just stopped reading the Bible.

In order to be prepared for a trial, we need to read the truth. Check out Ephesians 6:10–20. In this passage, God explains the significance of resisting the soul’s adversary. We need the strength of God to combat this since Satan likes to strike us where we are most vulnerable. His armor is what we need. When tested, God’s own Son resorted to God and his Word.

Examine Matthew 4:1–11. Every phrase Jesus said began, “It is written.” He knew his Father could give him strength, so he did exactly that. What a great example he set by turning to God’s Word rather than believing he could defeat the adversary. We must keep in mind that Satan is the father of falsehoods. He is cunning and is aware of our weaknesses. Thankfully, God is more powerful than everyone and will provide for us in all circumstances. Get into the Bible and think on God’s promises while you’re waiting for Him to act in a circumstance.


What Should I Do While Waiting For Rapture


3. Create a list of the blessings God has given you.

Our trust might falter at times, and the longer we have to wait for a response, the harder it is. It has really helped me to list further miracles that God has performed in my life. All of us need such reminders.
Even David, who was facing Goliath, thought back on what God had previously accomplished in his life. Make a list of the blessings God has bestowed upon you. You’ll be astounded at how many you can think of in such a short amount of time.

You can go back as far as you like, and as you create this list, you’ll notice an increase in your faith in God. Check out Hebrews 13:8. Your capacity to put your faith in God’s unwavering love will improve just by reflecting on his immutability. We may have faith that the person who helped us yesterday will be able to assist us today.

4. Sing

Sometimes our mental state prevents us from readily processing information. Let me propose that you get some privacy and pray to God in such circumstance. I recall singing hymns in a low voice while waiting to give my testimony in my sister’s murder trial. Some of the songs I hadn’t sang in years were still there, tucked away in my memory, for when I needed them.

I felt completely at ease until the guard came back for me. With the truth concealed inside those songs, God had given me hope. The classic song Jesus Never Fails by Arthur A. Luther is one of my favorites. Jesus Never Fails, those three words, have repeatedly given me the strength I lacked in my life. And even if I can’t sing because there are people all around me, simply saying the lyrics out while leaning completely on God still helps me overcome my concerns. While you wait, worship.


5. Take a stroll

When we take a pause from what we are doing and observe God’s handiwork, it might sometimes inspire us. Everywhere we turn, we see evidence of God at work. We can see God’s fingerprints everywhere, from the smallest organisms to the immensity of the sky.

We may focus on the beauty all around us and clear our thoughts by going for a stroll. We tend to be sucked into the way the world thinks much too frequently. Check out Romans 12:2. In this situation, it’s critical to keep in mind that if we don’t take initiative, we can end up conforming to the world. And the only way we can change is if we immerse ourselves in the truth.


6. Think about God’s promises.

Check out Romans 8:28. Knowing that God will use our results for good while we wait gives us assurance. God is a kind, loving God who began working in us when we first embraced his Son and the atoning act that Jesus performed.

We are assured that God cares for us and will work everything out for the best… even the specific item you are now seeking and praying for. Our Creator makes several promises of provision and fulfillment in the Bible. The Bible is the only reliable source of information, and God keeps all of His promises. Read God’s Promises in the Bible for a comprehensive list of His promises.


7. Study the names of God.

When we are going through difficulties, knowing the names of God may be immensely uplifting. Jehovah Jireh, one of his names, indicates that he is the Lord who will provide for us. If God claims he is the God who provides, we may be confident that he will do so because he does not lie.

Jehovah Rapha, which means “the God who heals,” is another name for God. With that name, we may be certain that nothing we may encounter will be greater than God. Even when waiting seems difficult, knowing that gives us courage a female calling, In the midst of the epidemic, black churches in rural America are bridging the digital divide.


8. Phone a Friend for conversation

Check out Ecclesiastes 4:9–12. God never intended for us to carry our own weight. He affirms that two are preferable than one. Why? Since one can help the other up if he falls, God cares about the community. He didn’t design for us to be alone. Locate companions to wait with you.

We often discover that a friend will assist us, and then there will be a time when our buddy also needs assistance; we will then be able to provide it. David and Jonathan were great buddies. We may ask God to send us a Jonathan all our own.


9. Always Consult a Pastor

If you discover that you are having trouble, it may be time to contact a priest for guidance. They are educated to assist you when you feel overwhelmed by life in addition to knowing the facts.

A pastor could also have more suggestions on how to reduce your worry. I specifically recall one instance when I had trouble waiting on God. The advice from my pastor was quite uplifting, in my opinion. According to the Bible, we should support one another. Pastors are adept at lifting spirits that have been lowered by adversity.


10. Pay a Hopeless Person a Visit

People nowadays believe that everyone is connected. In actuality, however, not everyone is related. Some individuals lack basic computer literacy. And they don’t communicate as frequently as the rest of the world does. Those who know the Lord must be looked after by us. Observe James 1:27. God commands us to take care of widows. Perhaps you are aware of someone who might benefit a visit. You could make their day more enjoyable.


We create time for the things that are essential to us, so don’t say you don’t have it when you know you do. Wouldn’t you appreciate a visit from someone if you were alone one day? Yes, much of the globe is interconnected, but not all of it. Even a brief visit may have a tremendous impact. Ask God for guidance if you are unsure about whom to see. Because the person he places on your heart may be the one who just prayed out to God.

God I bring the one who is standing in line in front of you. I ask that you aid in their relaxation. God, you’re not shocked by what they’re going through. You are in charge. Father, despite the fact that they believe waiting is impossible, grant them a modicum of grace so they can endure it. Fill the space around them with your indescribable peace. In the most priceless and Holy name of your Son, we pay this. Amen, in the name of Jesus.

Tips from the Bible on What to Do While Anticipating the Rapture


What is Faith in Christianity? And How it Relates to Hope, Love & Belief.


 11. Believe in the word of God

Christians have been waiting for Jesus to return for His church for ages. We pray for His return and observe the omens of the times; what a glorious day that will be!
But we can’t do nothing but wait. While we wait, there are several things we are instructed to do by the Bible.

There are numerous indications all around us that suggest the Rapture could take place at any moment.
In Matthew 24:4–14, Jesus provides a list of the signs.
To which Jesus said, “Take care that no one deceives you. ( Practice what you have been Hearing) For many will falsely claim to be the Christ and come in My name, deceiving many. Additionally, you will hear about wars and war rumors. Keep in mind that while all of these things must occur, the end is still not here. Because kingdoms and nations will turn against one another. And there will be earthquakes, pestilences, and famines everywhere. These are all the first signs of sorrow.

“After that, they will murder you and subject you to suffering; as a result, you will be despised by all peoples for the sake of My name. Many people will then get insulted, turn on one another, and despise one another. Then a great number of false prophets will appear and lead many astray.


12. Love Unconditionally


And since lawlessness will be rampant, many people’s love will become distant. But the one who persists till the end will be rescued. And the end will come when this gospel of the kingdom has been preached to every country in the globe as a testimony.
The majority of the things on the list that Jesus provides in these passages may be marked as happening right now. But until that great day arrives, we have a lot of work to do for the Kingdom of God.
The Lord “is not slow about His promise, as some regard slowness, but is patient toward us, not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance,” according to Second Peter 3:9.
Knowing this, we must proclaim the Good News to those who are not saved, as well as to those who have heard the Good News but do not recognize the great gift that Jesus provided to all people.
In difficult times, it is crucial to spread the gospel. However, the Bible also lists other tasks we must do while we await the Rapture. In this video, we examine additional verses to determine what the Lord has commanded us to do while we wait.


13. Practice what you have been Hearing

We must take action rather than simply waiting and not moving. We need a Savior, like Jesus Christ, to help us get through these tumultuous times. He is always with us, so if you want to learn more about leading a Christian life. So HE expects us to do according to his direction in the bible.


What to Do While You’re Waiting on Christ to come Again


  1. Recognize that the God who delivered you is aware of your crying (Micah 7:7).
  2. Watch with anticipation, but be ready for unexpected resolutions (Psalm 5:3).
  3. Place your faith in the Lord and not in your own wisdom (Proverbs 3:5-6).
  4. Keep in mind the advantages yet to come (Isaiah 30:18).
  5. Consider it a chance to encounter God’s kindness (Psalm 27:13; Lamentations 3:25).
  6. Keep up your consistent prayer, staying alert and expressing gratitude (Colossians 4:2).
  7. Wait await God’s promise rather than making your own decisions (Acts 1:4).
  8. Be courageous and powerful (Psalm 27:13-14; 31:24).
  9. Resist fretting, refrain from anger, be still, and choose patience (Psalm 37:7-8).
  10. Keep your faith in his Word (Psalm 130:5-6).

In summary; every Christian should always ask their selves “What Should I Do While Waiting For Rapture”. Prepare your ways. Thanks.

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