What Kind of Paint do You Use on a Chest of drawers – Best Paints Guide

Disposing your old chest of drawers is not actually the best option especially when you have little budget rather painting it will go a long way in turning it to brand new drawer. A chest of drawers is a type of cabinet with many parallel, horizontal drawers that are usually placed on top of each other. In North American English, it is often called a dresser or bureau. How to Paint Chest of Drawers and requirements are detailed in this article.

In American English, a dresser is a piece of furniture that is about waist height and has drawers and, often, a place for a mirror. In British English and Welsh, dressers have shelves in the top half where you can store or show off your tableware.


What to do with your old Chest Drawers

If you’ve been looking for a way to reuse old dressers or cabinets, I have a treat for you! I’ve found 15 unique and amazing ways to use old drawers to make them look brand new.
Now, if you don’t have old dresser drawers in your attic that are just gathering dust, I’m sure you can find some at yard sales or flea markets. You can use your chest of drawers as Sandwich Station, Under Bed Storage, Dollhouse in a drawer, Planter That Waters Itself, Vintage Signage, Wall Shelves, Drawer Basket, Bathroom Storage, Drawer Ottoman, Porch Planter, Entry Hangers, Picture Frames, Jewelry Organizer, Dog Bed, Shelves with Drawers etc.


Top 5 best paints for chest of Dressers
sky blue drawer


If you are painting Chest of drawer (furniture), you must use a primer first if you are not using chalk paint. If you omit this priming step, your paint will immediately peel off or turn a different color. Trust me, when I first started painting furniture, I had to learn by trial and error. Therefore choosing the best product will give you the best outcome for a more beautiful chest of drawer.


Top 5 best paints for chest of Dressers

  1. Acrylic Paint – Acrylic furniture paint is a water-based alternative to latex. Rich pigment suspended in acrylic polymer offers a flawless finish. It’s a versatile furniture paint that may be applied to many surfaces. It’s generally sold in small containers, so it’s best for modest items like console tables, picture frames, Chest of drawers and accent pieces.
  2. Latex Paint
    People often use latex paint on furniture because it is easy to get. At your local hardware store, you can buy a pint or gallon of latex paint from a number of different brands. While latex paint cures slowly and has a somewhat soft texture that is vulnerable to peeling and scratching, it dries quickly. You can choose from either Latex Flat – for a project that won’t see frequent daily usage, Semi gloss – Reflects light effectively and withstands washing and heavy usage, Gloss – They are capable of withstanding a lot of use and cleaning because there is a higher concentration of resins in them with high shiny surface.
  3. Milk paint
    Milk paint can be the correct choice for you if you’re looking for a natural paint for furniture with a little lighter texture. The activator, usually lime or borax, is added to milk protein to create this non-toxic paint. They are generally Dries fast, non-toxic powder composition, Good for most surfaces, Sometimes a bond is needed, hard to get a good level of saturation and Can crack/ scratch or chip without sealant.
  4. Chalk Paint – This water-based paint often contains latex as its foundation but produces a texture that is more dense and may be built up. It has Good surface adhesion, quick-drying, straightforward, visible brushstrokes, finish is scratch able and pricey with few color options.

  5. Oil Paint- Oil-based paint is one of the most durable furniture paints. Durability is expensive therefore oil paints are costly.  slow to dry, and emit Volatile compounds that require ventilation. Oil-based paint is forbidden in several regions due to its components.

  6. Wall paint – The kind of paint you can get at any hardware store is called “wall” paint. It is water-based and available in several sheens, from flat to gloss. Due to the fact that the components of paint vary based on the type you purchase, I had trouble coming up with a name for it.

The best paint for drawers that are widely used are Oil Paints, Latex, Milk and chalk paints. These product is best used on when you are painting over shiny or slippery surfaces. They are water- based paint. It is available in two different formulas: grey color (can be used beneath dark and vibrant colors) and white color. Below is the list of best paint manufacturers around the world.


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Best Color for a Chester Drawer


Top 20 paint companies in world 2022 In Random Order

  1. PPG
  2. The Sherwin Williams Co.
  3. Nippon Paint Holdings Co.
  4. The Sherwin-Williams Co.
  5. AkzoNobel
  6. RPM International Inc
  7. BASF Coatings
  8. Jotun
  9. Kansai Paint Co. Ltd
  10. Asian Paints Limited
  11. Axalta Coating Systems
  12. Masco Corporation
  13. DIAMOND Paints
  14. DOW Inc
  15. BERGER Paints India
  16. SKSHU Paint
  17. Hempel
  18. Beckers Group
  19. Brillux
  20. IVM Chemicals



How to Paint Chest of Drawers – Step by Step Guide

How to Paint Chest of Drawers

  • Step 1: Lightly Sand And Clean.
  • Step 2: Place a drop cloth on the ground.
  • Step 3: Take the dresser’s drawers off of the dresser.
  • Step 4: Sand the dresser with sandpaper that has a medium grain.
  • Step 5: Using a moist towel, thoroughly clean the dresser.
  • Step 6: Apply a coat of standard white primer using a paintbrush.
  • Step 7: Wait from around four to six hours for the primer to dry very well.
  • Step 8: Apply new Paint.
  • Step 9: Separately paint each of the drawers.
  • Step 10: Separately paint each of the drawers.
  • Step 11: Allow it to dry properly, 3 hours preferably and apply another paint.
  • Step 12: If you so wish, you can change out the drawer pulls and any other pieces of component.
  • Step 13: Assemble the dresser back together.


Tools needed for painting a Chest of Drawer

  • Paint / Primer
  • Foam roller or a high-quality low nap roller
  • Paint bucket
  • Screwdriver
  • High standard  paintbrush with a sharp angle
  • Paper with different sizes of grains, from fine to medium,
  • Tack fabric
  • Sander or sanding block
  • Optional: putty and soft fabric
  • And put hardware in paint stir stick sandwich bags.


Tools needed for painting a Chest of Drawer
brown chest of drawer


Can I paint over a chest of Dresser without sanding

YES! Painting without sanding is possible; provided you have the right paint that hides the layer of the surface you are painting. Chalk Paint is the best fit for this type painting. You don’t need to prepare the surface, all that is required is to run your painting a number of times with tome intervals to enable drying.


Is it Better to Spray Paint or Brush Paint a Dresser?

Is painting a dresser with a brush or spray paint the preferable option?
Spray painting is an ideal choice if you want to avoid creating any brushstrokes in the paint’s surface while painting. Painting a surface with this method is far quicker than using any other method; nevertheless, the area that is being painted must have adequate lighting and ventilation.


Can I Paint Chester Drawers?

Can I Paint Chester Drawers

Don’t get rid of that dresser or chest of drawers just because it doesn’t go with the rest of the furniture in your house; instead, give it a fresh coat of paint and give it new life! A new coat of paint may give an old, unattractive piece new vitality and make it more presentable. To begin, sand the dresser thoroughly all over to rough up the old finish in order to prepare it for the application of the new paint.

Best Color for a Chester Drawer

  • Sky-blue
  • Brown
  • Ash
  • Milk n
  • Pink
  • Light Pink
  • Gold

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How do you remove the odor from Chester drawers?

To get unwanted Odor out of your drawer, close each drawer by placing a little cup with borax or baking soda inside. If possible, let the baking soda or borax absorb the scents for a few days. Additionally, You can fill each drawer with dryer sheets for a few days and the smell will be gone for good.

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