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What Is Spiritual Warfare And How To Easily Overcome

You may not understand what spiritual warfare means Or you want to know how to overcome it easily. In this post, I will explain everything you need to know about spiritual warfare. including how you can over devils attack simply by equipping yourself with spiritual words from the scripture . Article around lets do this together.


After reading this post you’ll have in-depth knowledge of how spiritual warfare works and the ways to overcome it, Let’s dive in.


What is Spiritual Warfare?

Spiritual warfare means when there’s a battle in the spirit world. let me break it down for those that don’t Understand how spiritual things work. God is a spirit and does spiritual things topo, therefore his followers are expecting to act according to their father in heaven, that been said, its also very important to know that those who are equipped with the word of God are winners and the devil has no power over their lives. People like Samuel listened to the word of God and he was able to conquer in the midst of trouble.



Spiritual world:

The spiritual world Is a world that controls the Main world we live in today. The spirit world is a power world where the devil and his agent operate to destroy people’s lives and destinies. Devil operates in the spirit world and uses his agent to destroy lives and destiny because he doesn’t have access to become flesh. If you are not strong spiritually then it becomes very hard for you to win physically that is why you have to be prepared in every situation you find yourself so that you won’t be caught unaware. The devil is planning to take people down in the spirit world cause he knows the spirit world controls the earth we are on today. There’s warfare going on in the spirit between the devil and God’s angels every day. that been said; be vigilant as child of God and carry the word of God in you anywhere you find yourself


Why The Devil Is Attacking People In The Spirit

Devil is attacking People with a great destiny, for them not to fulfill their main purpose on earth. The devil knows every man’s destiny, he intends to control everyone’s destiny or destroy them. Its only the will of Satan to make sure that your destiny is destroyed, so being awake will give you charge over the devil and his plans against your life for we wrestle not against flesh but against principalities and power. In addition; When someone could have been able to help 10,000 life if he chose to become a doctor, the devil will mislead such person by using all kinds of things to oppress the person, at the end the devil will succeed in making such person unable to make a great impact, or devil may just the make the person live a wasteful life.

Why Some people are not experiencing spiritual warfare

The devil doesn’t disturb people under his control or people working for him, He attacks people that are for God.

He does that to make Christians give up on Christ and follow the wrong path. That’s why Christian has to be sober and vigilant, by learning the way to overcome through spiritual warfare prayers. As a Christian, prepare your altar in your house and pray without season and watch yourself grow into that person you have always dreamt of spiritually.


How To Know when someone Is Under spiritual attack

They’re some signs to know if someone is under spiritual attack

1. Failure

When someone starts to experience failure it is a sign of a Spiritual attack.

When a person has been reading tirelessly for the exam. on the day of the exam the person couldn’t write anything, he forgot everything he has learned, but after the exam, he could remember them. it is a result of a spiritual attack. When this kind of thing happen endeavor to build your pray without season and bring yourself out of depression.

2. Dreaming Bad Dreams

Your dream is the best way you connect to the spiritual world. Every dream has a meaning, once you continue to experience bad dreams you need to pray warfare prayers To overcome the enemy. Satan attacks people through dreams, therefore you should devise means of strengthening yourself spiritually so that you can win the devil in your dreams.

3. Broken Home

A broken home is a sign of a spiritual attack.

The devil likes to attack all Christian families, he knows the family makes up the church. The enemies try as much as they can to cause a broken home.

A Godly and beautiful home would produce the best children, and the devil knows.

In a situation like this, such a home needs spiritual warfare prayers.

4. sickness

Another way the devil attack people is through sickness.

The devil knows that sickness will make people unable to do many things. so he attacks people with sickness.

The moment you start to experience some kind of weird sickness, just know you might be under spiritual attack, And you need warfare prayers to overcome the devil.

5. Poverty:

When someone is facing poverty, the person is under spiritual attack, it can be an inherited problem or so.

Jesus became was rich but became poor for us to be rich, I believe all Christians can overcome poverty.

The devil knows that when people have what they want, they will make a positive impact on the world, so the devil will start to oppress that person with poverty just for the person to become useless.

How To overcome Spiritual warfare battles easily

To overcome You will have to do this thing.

1. Surrender your life to God

its paramount to submit totally to God. To surrender means to give your life to Christ and leave your old ways. Let go of the past and give your life to god in totality, When you do do this , you will notice a change in every aspect of your life and the devil will have no power over you anymore.

2. Confess your sin too God

The Bible says in Mathew, come onto me all Yee that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Your sin is what gives the devil access into your life. The moment you sin, then the devil will start attacking you spiritually. So confess it and live a free life and every thing about you will change for good.

3. Read your Bible daily

Your Bible will give you more knowledge about how the spirit works. The best way god talks to many people is through the bible. Studying the word will give you confidence in difficult days in the midst of temptation. 

4. Pray warfare prayers

Warfare prayer is the best weapon a Christian has to overcome in Spiritual warfare. The bible says that as of the days of John the Baptist the children of God Suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force. You have to pray to overcome and prevail over the enemies. Not just praying but Praying Regularly.

5. Avoid sin

Sin is the Portal that gives the enemy access to people’s life. so avoiding sin will make it difficult for the enemies to attack you.

Once you give your life to Christ, the only thing that can give Satan access to your life is sin, he is always waiting for loop holes to penetrate your life. 

How To pray Spiritual warfare prayers

what is Spiritual warfare
Spiritual Warfare prayers

Firstly sing praise and worship songs

Sing songs of adorations to god for 20 minutes. A merry hearth doeth good like medicine, if you wanna win; learn to praise God in a way no one has ever done before. Sing from the spirit it is a way to connect to heaven. David in the bible is a perfect example for us when it comes to praise and worship, in the midst of trouble he jumped and kept praising God even when his wife called him a mad man he never stopped praising God.

secondly, give thanks to god

Thank the Lord for what he has done. Example

Father, I thank you for creating my life, father I thank you for you have delivered me from spiritual attack. Father, I thank you for fighting for me in times of battle.


thirdly Pray for an open heaven

Devil somehow manipulates the spirit world to delay answers to prayers. When you cry to heaven, Results will always come. Be Intentional about what your doing and thing will begin to change in your life for good.


Fourthly pray warfare prayers

warfare prayers is a prayer that attacks the enemy. Examples

1 . Satanic plans to destroy my destiny I cancel you in the name of Jesus.

2. Anything the enemy is planning for me I notify it in Jesus’ name.

3. O lord save my soul from the plans of the enemies.

4. I shall fulfill my destiny by the power in the name of Jesus.

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