What is Spiritual Maturity And how to become spiritually matured

Do you want what spiritual maturity means, or are seeking to know how to become matured spiritually? 

Spiritual maturity is something all christian needs to know. It’s compulsory that a christian become matured spiritually before he/ she can be fully called a christian They’re easy ways to become spiritually matured, which is what I’ll be discussing in this post.

Spiritual Maturity
Spiritual Maturity
A matured woman

When you are matured spiritually people will respect you, they will know and feel that you are a true christian. Like the case of the disciples and Jesus, whereby people are able to see the glory and presence of God in their life. 

in this post you will understand what spiritual maturity means, and how to become spiritually matured. 

What is Spiritual maturity

spiritual maturity means christlike; to be like Christ.
When you are a matured christian, you are completely unmindful of the passion and prejudice of those around you.

Characteristics of spiritual maturity

A spiritual matured christian must have all this characters

1.They must be Humble

Being humble is important attribute to become a spiritually matured person.

2 They must accept the limitations of others

They must accept that no one is above mistake.

3.They must accept people on their merit and not because of their tribe

Christian must not do tribalism, you must not be partial to anyone.

4. They Must not pass judgement on others.

Leave judegment to God he knows the best, don’t judge others for any reason.

5 They must accept that no one is perfect

As you know everyone is human your pastor, husband, friends, neighbors, can make mistake you have to accept and forgive.

6.They are ready to welcome and listen to what others have to say

A spiritual matured person must value everyone opinion, god will program different ideas to different hearts.

7. They stimulate the spiritual growth of others and do not pull down their faith.

Don’t for any reason let a christian or believer like you fall according to your words or mistake.

8. They do not dwell on past mistake

A real christlike must forgive and forget.

9 They are enemies to flesh

The flesh will always push you to sin it’s compulsory to become enemy to flesh.

What are the obstacle of spiritual maturity

They’re 6 main obstacle to spiritual maturity

1 Failure To Take up your cross

2 uncontrollable tongue

3. Unforgivenness

4. Bad friends

5. Secret Bondage

6. Neglecting the scripture.

1. Failure To Take up your cross:

What is cross? The cross is when you choose to do the will of god, failure to abide by the will of god will cause obstacle to your spiritual maturity.

In the bible Paul said ” I am crucified with Christ yet I live, but the life I live now, I live by the faith of god who loved me”.

2. Uncontrollable tongue:

A good sign someone is not matured spiritually, is when they can’t control their tongue. Saying things that hurt people. Some word you say can make people progress or destroy peoples progress. It’s better not to say anything than to say things that hurt people or may affect their faith.

3. Unforgivenness:

This attitude will hinder spiritual maturity. When you don’t forgive others God In heaven won’t forgive you, Forgive and forget.

4. Bad friends:

The friends you associate with will determine your spiritual maturity. your friends can make big influence on you, they can pollute your thought and your spiritual life.

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Spiritual maturity

Working with bad friends will hinder your spiritual maturity.

5. Secret Bondage:

Being under bondage mean being subjected to the enemies, when someone is under bondage he can’t make progress.

6. Neglecting the scripture :

The scripture is the word of God, neglecting the scripture mean not hearing or not putting to pratice with is written in the bible.

How to become spiritually matured

1.Accept and Admit your are ready to become spiritually matured

2. Confess and Repentance from known and unknown sins. It means reconciliation with God

3. Get close to God By praying, by reading the word of God, by being holy and obedient to God. You have to answer what god says whether it is pleasant or not.

4. Exercise your Spiritual Talent.Don’t underestimate your talent. That which God has put in your hands you must use them.

When you follow this steps you will surely become matured spiritually.

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