Umansky Real Estate Series Review – Featuring Kyle Richards and Daughters Farrah and Alexia

Real Estate is becoming one the main focal points for wealth acquisition in the world. This is so due to Mans quest for a comfortable living. Let Us take a dive into Mauricio Umansky Real Estate Series. Earlier this month Umansky granted an interview to fox news where he announced the launching of a new Realty series. Lets briefly listen to what he had to say pertaining his new television series titled Buying Beverly Hills”.


The Agency, founded by reality TV personality Mauricio Umansky, will open Bay Shore office in December.
The Agency, formed in 2011, initially came to Long Island last year with North Shore franchise in Huntington. THe opening will mark the 65th office for the reputable company.
The Los Angeles based company has garnered publicity umansky    TV appearances with his wife, Kyle Richards. 
“Buying Beverly Hills,” new Netflix show,which features some of The Agency’s real estate brokers, including Umansky’s daughters. “We follow young professionals,” stated Umansky. 
Do they have what it takes to be an agent at The Agency?


Information about Umansky Real Estate Series

The Agency, founded by reality TV personality Mauricio Umansky, opens in Bay Shore.
The opening follows the company’s Long Island debut in Huntington last year and Manhattan acquisition in May.
The company promotes its properties and agents on social media. Its widely known that the Agency entered the NYC market in May by acquiring Triplemint in an all-stock arrangement deal Umansky remarked, “We’re excited to extend our East Coast footprint.”

In his new reality series about his thriving real estate company The Agency, Mauricio Umansky is being open and honest about current real estate trends and what it was like to collaborate with his children (Duaghters).


The significance of Mauricio starting his own real estate company in regard to his wife Kyle Richards’ relationship with her sister Kathy Hilton will be remembered by fans of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Rick Hilton, a co-founder of Hilton & Hyland and the husband of Kathy Hilton, was Mauricio’s former boss.

Mauricio decided to leave Rick’s agency in season one of the show in order to found his own business. According to rumor, the conflict between the two families was caused by his desire to depart as well as Richards’ choice to make a show about her upbringing, which Kathy objected to. The Hiltons apparently felt betrayed by Mauricio, which is in part why Kathy and Richards reportedly didn’t talk for ten years.

Mauricio will serve as the showrunner for the new series “Buying Beverly Hills,” which will be set in the offices of The Agency because it is now one of the top real estate companies, along with the success of Richards on her show and other real estate-related shows.


Mauricio Umansky Talking about Real Estate market

Speaking to the media, Mauricio stated that Nick Campasano and Ricardo Pena, managing directors at Bay Shore, will try to land Suffolk County listings. Long Island partners Michael Smith and Donald Mastroianni.

The Agency’s Michael Smith and Nick Campasano at… The Agency’s Michael Smith and Nick Campasano in Huntington. Next month, a Bay Shore office will open. Kopstein, Rick Campasano said the new agency will launch with around 10 agents and target the South Shore from Babylon to Sayville. We have 33 local agents.

The Agency focuses on agent empowerment and branding, helping salespeople use Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to sell their homes and themselves as real estate gurus.

Campasano, 34, was born and reared in West Islip. “Professional, instructional videos assist build your business.”

Campasano chose Bay Shore for its thriving center and proximity to Fire Island, where he expects to sell properties. “Driving along Main Street, you can feel the town’s energy,” Campasano added.

Competition will be fierce. The Real Deal reported that Douglas Elliman had 973 agents in Suffolk County last year, Signature Premier Properties had 711, and Coldwell Banker American Homes had 566.

Signature Premier spokeswoman Jackie Viard said her company has 962 Suffolk employees as of Dec. 31. Signature Premier plans to build a Bay Shore office this fall, she added.

Umansky’s company is booming as the Long Island home market balances out after years of favoring sellers. Now that the average rate for a 30-year fixed loan is at 7%, fewer people can afford to buy.

Campasano said he’s still optimistic in South Shore real estate and the transition has made home-searching less stressful. Last year, they had to make a life-changing purchase quickly at open houses, he added. More of Umansky real estate show.

“The calm is reassuring,” added Campasano. “They can look at a house and make a selection at home, rather than in the driveway” It lets people think.”

The Agency won’t shy away from less glamorous sites, Umansky said.

The typical listing price is $895,000. According to Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel, the median price of Long Island homes sold in the third quarter was a record $620,000.

Umansky: “We consider premium client service.” “We don’t care what house a client has if they want that service. We don’t offer inexpensive brokerage services.

Umansky said another Long Island office is possible. “We want brick-and-mortar in the Hamptons,” he remarked

Realty ids entirely taking another dimension; thats we are coming up with this piece of work. “The show will look at more young individuals entering real estate at the greatest global firm,” Mauricio said. “The cast makes mistakes on TV, and we reveal it behind the scenes.

Richards, who has placed her life on display for 12 years, may advise them on making mistakes on camera. Brittany and Alexia admit to studying their mom’s playbook to learn how to handle fame

Brittany wondered how to navigate after signing up. “How did the interviews work? Do you get the questions in advance? How do you balance being vulnerable and sincere with seeming professional and having each other’s back?”

“I’m always talking to my mom, and I’m with her through the good days and terrible days of Housewives, so… the biggest takeaway from her was to be honest and authentic,” Alexia added. “I’m one of those on the show that makes a lot of mistakes. I struggle and I get embarrassed…she was just like, ‘At the end of the day… people will relate to it. It’s okay because it’s real.’… she made me feel a lot better in those tough days that it was all going to be okay, because I don’t have to be this fake, perfect person, which I’m not.

Brittany and Alexia are proud of their father’s job at The Agency. Alexia said none of this would have been possible without her dad’s concept 12 years ago. Hearing how happy his girls are of him, he “smiled from ear to ear”.


Umansky real estate release Date

No jerks! No Drama was never stated. The Agency will be on Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills this fall. The latest real estate occu-soap follows Mauricio Umansky’s The Agency in Beverly Hills, California. Mauricio, his daughters Farrah Brittany and Alexia Umansky, and the brilliant brokers highlight luxury real estate in Los Angeles. It kicks starts on November 4th, 2022 and provide an exclusive look into The Agency. More updates coming soon.


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