February 27, 2024
Different types of prayers in the bible

Different Types of Prayers in the Bible To Transform Your life

Prayer is the Christian backbone, but most people don’t know all the types of prayer in Christianity.


In this post I’ll be listing out the different types of prayer a Christian can pray.

All types of prayers have their purpose, it is necessary to know when and what type of prayer to pray in different life situations. Let’s dive in.




There are many different types of prayer available for the child of God to make use of as the case may be.

They include the following:

1. Prayer of Thanksgiving: to adore the lord for past blessing.
2. Prayer of praise and worship to God
3. Prayer of adoration and exaltation
4. Confession of sins to God and asking for forgiveness
5. Prayer of binding and loosing: Prayer to release a person from bondage.
6. Prayer of request to God
7. Prayer of making decrees
8. Prayer of agreement
9. Prayer of petitioning
10. Prayer of faith
11. Prophetic prayers
12. agonizing prayer
13. Praying in tongues
14. praying in the spirit
17. Groaning prayers
18. Weeping to God in prayers
19. Prayer thoughts or thinking prayers
20. Whisper prayers
21. Silent prayers
22. Corporate or congregational prayers
21. Loud prayers
22. Shouting prayers or very loud prayers
23 Deliverance prayers
24. Warfare prayers
25 Declaration prayers
26. Sealing prayers


Life on earth is full of challenges. Every human being is seeking a solution to life’s problems.

Different types of prayers in the bible

Mankind has tried its best in proffering solutions to life’s problems and challenges. To a good extent, some solutions have been found but only temporarily.

The ultimate solution has not been achieved by man in his power.
Scientific discoveries have been helpful but have never been all curative.
Uncertainty and constant changes have bedeviled the efforts of man on earth.

The only permanent solution to man’s situation on earth is God; the
the only way to God is through prayers through the name of our Lord Jesus
Christ – John 14:13-14


Different types of prayers practiced in the bible with scripture backing
1. Adoration prayer-Psalm 95: 6
2. Acidic prayer-Psalms 109
3. Agreement prayer-Matthews
4. Aggressive prayer-Psalms
5. Asking prayer-Matthew 77
6. Assurance prayer-on-4
7. Apostolic-Acts 4-24-30
8. Arrow sending-2 Kings 14:9-9
9. Authority-Luke 439-35
10. Binding prayer-Matthew 16:29
11. Back to sender prayer-Proverbs 26 27
12. Begging prayer-Mark 57
13. Breakthrough prayers- Deuteronomy 28:2-3
14. Consecration prayer-1 Kings 8.62-66
15. Cursing prayer – Joshua 6:26
16. Congregational prayer-Acts 12:42
17. Decree prayer – Job 22:28
18. Defence prayer-Psalm 54-2-7
19. Desperate prayer-Esther 4-1
20. Dedication prayer-2 Chronicles 6
21. Forgiveness prayer-Psalm 52
22. Enquiry prayer-1 Samuel 30:8
23. Groaning prayer-Mark 14:35
24. Heart prayer-1 Samuel 1
25. Intercessory prayer-1 Timothy 2:1
26. Lamentation prayer-Lamentation 2
27. Losing prayer-Matthew 18:18
28. Open Heaven prayer – Isaiah 64-1


Prayer is the currency of the Spirit
You can never over pray but you can pray
Prayer is telling God “I depend on You”.

Different types of prayers in the bible

Christians are the only army that fights on their knees.
When you do not pray, God sees it as pride, A Christian that is not praying is playing.


(1) no force can resist or withstand the force of fervent prayer James 5:16-18

(2) Prayer places all the possibilities of God at your disposal (1 Kings 18:36-38)

(3) The greatest tragedy in Christendom is not “unanswered prayers” but unuttered prayers.

(4) A Christian that is too busy to pray is like a driver that is too much in haste to stop and refuel. They both will be stopped on the way, and if they do the right things, they will not get to their destinations

(5) Life is too fragile and so must be handled with prayer


1. Abraham:

1. For a son-Genesis 15:2-6
2. For King Abimelech (Genesis 20:17
3. For his servant concerning divine guidance -Genesis 24:12, 14

2. Jacob prayed for blessing-Genesis 32:24 29

3. Hannah prayed for a child – 1Sam. 110-11

4. Solomon prayed for wisdom-1
Kings 3:9-13

5. David prayed for repentance – Psalm 51

6. Elijah for fire – 2 Kings 1:12

7. Our Lord Jesus Christ:

(1) At Lazarus’ tomb – John 11:41-42
(2) For the church/believers – John 17:1-26

8. Forgiveness for his killers – Luke 23:34

9.Jabez-1 Chronicles 4:10

10 Daniel for dream interpretation-Daniel 2:17-18)

11 Thief on the cross – Luke 23:42-43

12. Paul and Silas – Acts 16:25-26


we must understand the types of prayer a Christian can pray for certain situations in life.

prayer is of different types and different reasons. in addition, we wrote about the important fact of prayer & the greatest Bible prayer warriors.

If you have any questions concerning the types of prayer in the bible, comment below with your question.




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