TU Deft Excellence Scholarship, worth and deadline.

Delft university of technology popularly referred to as TU Deft, has the intention of leading globally as a research powerhouse. The school hopes to maintain leadership by attracting the best and the brightest students from all across  the world to Delft university of technology. To push this forward, the university has put in place many scholarships especially for international students and they are meant to extend the opportunity of studying at Delft university, Netherland,  to more talented and gifted international students. TU Deft excellence scholarship is one of the more popular scholarship programs at Delft university.

Tu holland scholarship 

TU Delft is a technology university that seeks to provide modern education that will lead the technology advancement of the current dispensation. The school has a great reputation as a tech university as their students have earned accolades internationally. The school attracts more international students through their scholarship programs.

tu Delft masters scholarship 

Most of the students who come from other countries to TU Delft do so for masters programs. Delft has many scholarship positions for masters students who seek to continue their education at the university, some of the scholarships are awarded by the school while some departments and faculties within the school also award scholarships. One of the scholarship is the Justus& Louise Van Effen scholarship . For more information can be found here.

tu deft international student fellowship 

The education at TU Delft incorporates a large research component, high quality courses, experience staff and high tech facilities and labs. The university seeks to develop a robust technology foundation in its candidates and teaches them how to use technology to solve the problems of the world. The scholarship for international students at Delft are among the most attractive to students who want a good technology education and create a future in the tech industry .

Application deadline

All applications are to be submitted latest 1st December , 2019. And the scholarship is offered every year.

The scholarship is taken at TU Deft, Netherlands

Who is eligible to apply for the TU Deft excellence  scholarship.

The scholarship is only open to candidates who have been admitted into a masters program at TU Deft, with a cumulative grade point of 80% and above in their bachelor program in any international university .

Number of awards available .

Two positions per faculty.

What is the Scholarship worth?

There are many benefits that accrue to the successful candidates among which are:

  1. It provides a complete fee waiver for the entire duration of the masters program.
  2. membership of the school club which gives access to personal development , workshops and seminars to the participants.

How to apply

To apply for this scholarship, you have to first of all check for admission requirements here

Then apply for one of the masters programs at Delft  and submit all required documents. Some of the required documents  include 

  • Two reference  letters  which must be in English, French, German or Dutch. The reference  letters must be

           . From a previous  professor or an assistant professor . Tis letter can be fro your employer if you have work experience.

            .The letter must be written on the official letterhead and carry an official stamp of the school or company .

    . The letter must be signed  by the referee  and he or she must include full name.

The referee can provide you with the letter or scan it to contactcentre-esa@tudelft.nl as a pdf, including his full name and the student number, this student number will be given to you once you register via studielink.

Non EU/EFTA students are required to include their English proficiency test results  with their application and submit same according to the admissions instructions.


TU Deft excellence scholarship  gives financial assistance to highly talented and academically successful international students who wish to pursue their masters program ta TU Deft, Netherlands.

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