February 27, 2024
Trending Real Estate Digital Marketing Ideas

Top 14 Trending Real Estate Digital Marketing Ideas In 2023

Digital marketing is expanding. Any business, real estate or Agent, must be digitally smart to compete. It’s very important than ever to create an online presence as an Agent or Realtor Organization. Having an outright knowledge about your profitable digital marketing strategies in real estate gives an edge over your compatriots.


Benefits of Digital Marketing In Real Estate

Digital marketing might be tough and time-consuming, but it’s essential. More real estate agents are using digital marketing, so don’t fall behind. Here’s how to market online in real estate.

Social media was a game-changer for realtors seeking online exposure. Various social media channels helped real estate professionals develop a brand and a successful business. How can real estate brokerages and realtors differentiate themselves in a saturated industry with 84% of real estate professionals using social media? Digital marketing completely outperforms traditional marketing.


The term “Real Estate” refers to both the land itself as well as any permanent structures or improvements, such as a house, that are tied to the land in some way. These improvements can be either natural or man-made. One type of real property is known as “Real Estate.” It is distinct from personal property, which is everything that is not permanently tied to the land. Examples of personal property include automobiles, boats, jewels, furniture, and agricultural machinery. Listed below are the top Trending Real Estate Digital Marketing Ideas that are profitable.



How to Create a Profitable Digital Marketing for Real Estate

1. Identify Your Target Audience

The most effective strategy for real estate brokers is found in this area.
There are a lot of brokers and companies that focus on one sector or Niche alone which enables them to become giants in that field. This provides information on the factors that are driving the target market, the risks that are associated, and the short- and long-term directions that the market is headed.
A real estate broker who is aware of upcoming school or transportation construction in the area may choose to change his marketing accordingly.


2. Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan

Most Digital marketers know how difficult it is to build a social media plan from the scratch and post regularly across all channels across social media. Some writing tools simplifies social media content creation and scheduling.

Its very necessary to diversify your contents for your real estate business’s social media approach. Sharing listings is a crucial part of your digital strategy, but your content should be relevant to a wide audience, not only homebuyers and your customers alone.

Steps to develop a working social media plan.

  1. Choose social media sites to Use
  2. Setup all your Social Media profiles
  3. Find your marketing voice
  4. Decide how often you post
  5. Analyze your Social Media Engagement
  6. Engage with Your Audience.


3. Create valuable Blog Posts on your Website

Setting up a valuable Blog with some green contents is a way forward.
The number of indexed pages for real estate agents’ websites can increase when those websites are responsive and feature blogs.

Your search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation, and the actionable advice you provide to buyers and sellers can all benefit from having a blog. The digital marketing strategy of a real estate professional is pointless if it does not have high-quality content.
Alongside a dynamic website, provide content that both buyers and sellers may refer back to for solutions to their questions.


4. Create a YouTube channel

YouTube merits a spot on our list of real estate marketing ideas with 122 million daily users and about 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors.

Another important stat about YouTube is that Users spend almost 24 hours each month on the YouTube mobile app. Making it the second most viewed website in the world. This platform is a gold mine for your real estate business to thrive.


5. Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO optimizes a website’s technical configuration, content relevancy, and link popularity so its pages are easily findable, relevant, and popular for user search queries, which enables search engines rank them higher.

Your website will see an increase in visitors if you work on your SEO. Your website and individual web pages will rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) if you properly optimize your Website. Paying attention your backlink profile can help your articles rank higher.

Because Google and the other major search engines are always making adjustments to their ranking algorithms, it is essential that you keep your SEO up to date. The use of appropriate keywords is essential for effective SEO. To improve your search engine optimization (SEO), make sure that your website and blog posts contain high-ranking keywords such as your location and your industry.


6. Build You Presence on Zillow

Zillow is the Yelp of real estate marketing, and in order to get noticed, you need to be on it. Ignoring the sun will not prevent you from becoming sunburned. Zillow allows real estate agents to post advertisements on their website. Although this might grow expensive, Zillow’s dominant position in the real estate market makes it the best option for you. Zillow is responsible for 48 percent of all web traffic related to real estate.


Social media Real estate digital marketing
Real estate digital marketing strategies


7. Embrace Real estate Email Marketing

Email marketing simply means reaching customers through a medium they already use. It’s a straightforward, focused way to reach customers. Different aims require different material. Email coupons and promotions may lure clients into your store, emails showcasing blog content can drive them to your website, and customer contact information can help you understand your audience.

Email marketing has expanded over time. Ask for email addresses and send information on new listings, projects, and purchase recommendations to gain subscribers.  Categorize your subscribers (by age, income, geography, hobby, etc.) and create content for each group.
Personalize each email by referring to them by name and providing pertinent search content to keep them informed and show your thanks.

Easy Guide on how to start email marketing

  1. Choose an email marketing provider
  2. Outline the goals you want to achieve through your email marketing
  3. Create a contact list.
  4. Track and Examine your Growth daily.

This is an example of email you may wish to send to your suscribers.

Real Estate digital marketing email sample


8. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile searches are growing in all economic sectors, not just real estate. Make sure that  Your website must be mobile-friendly.
Mobile property apps like, Sundae Real Estate App,  Zoopla, and OnTheMarket accounts for 80% of house-hunters who use portals.
Your website and content must be mobile-friendly and visually appealing. This affects text size, background color, and more.

How to make your website Mobile friendly

  • Use a light theme
  • Use a reliable Host
  • Don’t use many plugins in your website
  • Make your design simple
  • Use Calm colors
  • Your website have good navigation


9. Run Facebook Ads About your Realtor Agency

Because of its massive user base and specialized targeting options for the real estate industry, Facebook is widely regarded as the most effective social media platform for real estate brokers. The majority of real estate agents offer their services through Facebook adverts since this method provides the highest return on investment (ROI) and enables them to be hyperlocal.

It can be difficult to understand Facebook’s ad management, which makes it challenging to successfully run advertising and connect with the intended demographic. Understanding Facebook adverts and knowing which ones to run is essential in order to achieve maximum income.

Its Paramount that you understand how to create a Facebook Ads with High ROI.

Which kind of Ads should I Run for my Real Estate company

  • Ads that Shows the Projects of your organization.
  • Ads of customers feedback about your services.
  • Facebook Influencer Ads. Here you pay Influencers to talk about your Realty.
  • Use Descriptive Video Ads to Project Your Company.
  • Page Promotion ads.




 Create Videos marketing strategies for your business
Real estate marketing video

10. Market Your Brand With Videos

Do some study on the passions of your intended audience and write a storyline that is tailored to match their needs to produce exceptional videos. YOU Might Want to Take a Look at What San Josh Is Doing with Sundae Real Estate. After you’ve finished writing the script, you should construct your video using reliable real estate themes.

The term “video marketing” can refer to multiple categories of videos. Videos such as explainer videos that address frequently asked questions, live walk-throughs on social media, aerial videos that highlight the location of your property listing videos and virtual walk-through tours that you upload to your website are all excellent ways to market residential real estate.

Video formats for Real estate digital Marketing

  • Explainer videos that address frequently asked questions
  • Live walk-throughs on social media
  • Aerial videos that highlight the location of your property listing videos
  • Virtual walk-through tours


11. Take Control of Your Reputation Online Through Reviews

Your online presence is essentially your real-world CV, and it should be kept current at all times. Each review that you receive, regardless of whether it comes from twitter LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Zillow, Bing or Google, has the potential to be the linchpin of your company. Many customers conduct their own research without the assistance of an agent. Your internet reputation is the means by which you might accomplish becoming the name that leaps off the screen as being genuine and unique if this is something you aspire to do.


12. Employ A Professional Photographer

Images are proven to be a selling point of any organization in recent times. Beautiful property photos are vital. Sometimes getting the timing or perspective just right is essential. Employ a professional photographer who has experience taking pictures of houses and other types of architecture, or take the pictures yourself if you have the appropriate gear. In this situation, it is preferable to hire professionals.


13. Keep an eye out on the competition

Backlinko and Nail patel’s competitiveness made the most sort after content creators. How do other real estate agents in your region conduct their business? What kind of content can you find on their website? What kind of presence do they have on social media? Observe what your rivals are doing, then adapt your strategy to avoid making the same mistakes they did and build on their successes.


14. Run Ads On PPC Advertisement Platforms

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a good way for realtors to create new leads from adverts they pay for when clicked.
PPC is an excellent digital marketing choice for real estate professionals seeking potential clients because they only pay when someone clicks on their ad. PPC advertisements can target people who looked for comparable keywords on Google or another search engine.

Example of Pay Per click networks Are – AdSense, Media-Ads, Ezoic, Adsterra etc



What are the best marketing platforms for real estate?

Marketing your real estate firm is easy. You can generate material on social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Door to door marketing lets you market your services to smaller neighborhoods. You can as well Promote your brand On your competitors website.


What is the work of a digital marketing person ?

Digital marketers create leads and build brand awareness utilizing digital platforms. Websites, social media marketing, SEO, and branding and other digital platforms.


Amid the Number of Social Media Platforms, The top three Social media for real estate are 1. Facebook, 2. Instagram and 3. LinkedIn

Do I need a website as a realtor?

It is dependent on the marketing strategy that you wish to implement for your real estate business. If you want to make the most of the opportunities presented by this age of technology, then YES!, You need a website.


How do I create a real estate marketing plan?

  • Step 1: Determine your business goals.
  • Step 2: Set local marketing objectives.
  • Step 3: Determine your buyers and sellers.
  • Step 4: Determine your market niche.
  • Step 5: Learn your geographical region.
  • Step 6: Consider your audience.


Benefits of digital marketing for real estate

Firstly, Digital marketing is essential for real estate companies because it enables them to differentiate themselves from the competition and attract more customers. Secondly, Digital marketing is the way to go if you want to either broaden the reach of your company or make more connections with people who are potentially interested in buying your products or services. Therefore Digital Marketing gives a headshot in the Real Estate Market.


In Conclusion,

Digital Marketing is taking over local Marketing in every industry and sector; as A real estate Enthusiast, Key into the trend and stand out from your competitors. Good luck.

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