Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Great Plains Texas US (2023)

The Great Plains has experienced a tremendous rise in real estate over the last 2 decades, this has equivalently produced many real estate agents in Great plains. Securing properties has always been a priority to mankind this has made the eagerness for the best real estate in great plains high. A quick summary of great plains. the best


Brief summary of great plains.

With about 1,125,000 square miles, great plain is located in northern America, with about 1,329 population in 2022. It’s the 85th largest city in Texas. There is a tremendous increase in the population of the region which also increases the demand for the best realtors in the region.


In this article, we carefully researched and picked the best realtors from great plain Texas.


What’s our selection criteria?

We have carefully outsourced through manifestos and individual residents alongside review by clients in Texas. The complied this article considering Trust, Delivery ratio, Educational qualifications, listings, Competence, reliability and reputation.


Top 10 Real Estate Agents in great plains 2023

1. Bayley Falkenbury

She is a successful real estate agent who has sold over 100+ properties in the last two years. She represents the interest of her clients.

Contact number – (806) 515-7503

Firm – Lyons Realty

Specialty – Listing and buying agent

Location – Lubbock


2. Lindsey is Turney

he and her team are among the leading real estate firm in the plains with Over 20+ sales maker in a few months.

Contact number – (806) 414-3711

Firm – Magnolia Road Realty

Specialty – Property listing/selling

Location – Magnolia



3. David Box

He represents the interest 9f his clients. With basic education in realty David’s team of experts manages the properties of clients. Him and his team focused on providing clients with effective sales and purchase of new homes.

Contact number – {806}239-8142

Firm – Keller Lubbock

Specialty – listing Agent, property management, and short sale



4. Chad Bridges

He is a seasoned realty agent with a whopping 17 years of experience, he is the CEO of Keller Williams, a real estate company that helps Americans get the desired house of their dream. Located in Lubbock texas. a graduate of and member of Hobbs Board of Realtors.

Contact number – (806) 252-6210

Firm – Keller Williams

Specialty –  Buyer’s agent listing agentRelocation

Location – Lubbock texas



5. Ryan Robertson

He has been in Real Estate since 2018. He doesn’t just sell homes, he also helos clients find a new house to buy or rent.

Contact number – (806) 298-6543

Firm – Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Blu Realty

Zillow Premier Agent

Specialty – 

Location – 


6. Peaches Hurtado

A licensed Realtor in the state of Texas since 2021, She helps buyers get good apartments for an affordable price.

Contact number – (925) 406-3269

Firm – Zillow Premier Agent

Specialty – Buyer’s agent listing agent

Location – Texas



7. Kelly Crawford

She was raised in Seminole, and fired with the passing the has for helping people find their dream homes, Kelly has progressed tremendously in texas as a reliable agent in Great Plains.

Contact number – (432) 209-1536

Firm – C & L Real Estate

Specialty – Listings

Location – Seminole



8. Ron Dayley

He provides property security to his clients by representing their interests in deals. furthermore, Ron sells and help individuals relocate to their preferred locations.

Contact number – (931) 249-6598

Firm – Coldwell Banker CM&H

Specialty – Buyer’s agent, listing agent

Location – Clarksville TN


9. Misti Bray

Assists Clients in selling a current home or purchasing investment property.

Contact number – (806) 789-3621

Firm – Amy Tapp Realty

Specialty – Listing agentRelocation

Location – Texas



10. Hillary Hunt

Assists client list and sell their properties at the best rate.

Contact number – (806) 787-0343

Firm – Private

Specialty – Buyer’s agent, listing agent

Location – Texas


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