TonKeeper Review – How setup Wallet | Legit Or Not

Tonkeeper is here to stay, it’s a a new way of trading coin online and its fully affiliated with Blockchain and its an easy means of transferring coin, storing coin and buying coins in crypto industry, in this article we are going to be explaining to you the best way to use it through this Tonkeeper Review.


What is Tonkeeper all about ?

The platform was launched to aid an easy transaction for Crypto Traders online. It is a Non-Custodial crypto currency wallet designed to help users send and Receive Toncoin through open network. Incase you don’t know, Open network is a big new block chain that provides unprecedent fast transactions with the programming used to design the App and machines.


Tonkeeper Review

The platform is designed in a dark mode , the TON cryptocurrency wallet houses both Russian language and the English language respectively and it gives users the opportunity to switch between Russian and English language depending on your geographical region and Mobile device you are using. This been said, let’s look at the things that you need to do in order to utilize the platform properly

For those who loves Light mode , Tonkeeper has a dark mode interface alone , therefore you can’t switch the interface. However , Tonkeeper has its shortcomings because according to some reviews online, the app is not stable sometimes but one special thing about the wallet app is its unique look and attractiveness. Therefore it’s left to users to decide by their selves whether to choose the platform or not. Another important thing to note about them is that they don’t provide some basic business requirements like refunds unlike other wallets like TONsafe which has been projecting to as the official platform of TONCOIN.

That been said , we will also like you to know that they don’t have access to your funds and can’t process any payment , furthermore they reveal or provide less guidance to their users, do its important to have this in mind. Another important thing to know is that they have no warranty therefore you can only trade at your own risk which is very worrisome sometimes .


What you should know about Tonkeeper Wallet

The characteristics and various features of the wallet can’t be overlooked. Among other embodiments, these are some of the features you can find on the wallet

  • 1. COIN SWAP – On the app, users can purchase any coin and resell it on central market, further more it provides quick exchange from one wallet to another.
  • 2. FAST TRANSACTIONS – The speed on the interface is recommendable, it’s actually fast to start and finish transactions in a short while. The confirmations of transactions is top notch and it happens in few seconds of transaction,
  • 3. LOW TRANSACTION FEES – It is also important to know that Tonkeeper fees is very low compared to other platforms. Unlike other platforms they charge very low.
  • 4. TOP SECURITY – Your personal details are not required in the app, and your coins and funds are stored on your personal wallet thereby making it impossible for others to have access to you funds.


Who is the owner of TONkeeper

The wallet app is owned by the popular Telegram owners. this app was launched to aid easy transaction of cryptocurrency.


How to setup Tonkeeper account

The Proceedure to setup Dovecoin is pretty simple and straight forward, Navigate to their official website and login and setup your account, watch this video for more insight


Tonkeeper App

The app is already live on all app store respectively. You can find them on Playstore via this link and on apple via


Tonkeeper Source Code

The official ton keeper source code is yet unknown by many people, How ever many things can be done without the source code but its good to note that the information about the source code can be found in the App.

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