The 3 main reasons why people are poor

A lot of people are living in poverty today based on a particular reason. we are looking at the 3 main reason why people are poor.

The standard of living in the world today is different. we have the rich the average and the poor people. But We are looking at the reasons why people are poor.

According to current estimation we have over ( 500 millions of people living in poverty all over the world today.


The truth is; there’s always a cause or reason behind anyone living in poverty. i have broken it to just three categories, let’s dive in.

3 main Cause of Poverty

They are:

1. Lifestyle




Lifestyle cause of poverty

Your lifestyle is the way you do things, the attitude, energy and effort you put to work. the way you interact with people, and the way you treat people is based on your lifestyle.

Being poor is possibly based on someone lifestyle, let’s take a look at how lifestyle can make people poor.


Many people out there are really laziness, your lazy attitude can be the obstacle making you poor.
Due to laziness some people just sit at home doing nothing expecting money to full from heaven, something we all know it’s not possible.
Laziness can be of many form, laziness at school, laziness at work and many other lazy attitude.
Being lazy at school will make you fail and failure leads to shame. This attitude has caused many people to be poor today.


Procrastinating means finding an excuse to delay something you can do today.

The word procrastinating also means putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time.

This attitude has put many in the level they are today. Action has to be taken fast to avoid wastage of time.

Scared Of Taking Risk

As of today the most successful men, were people that got the right information and took high risk, and it paid off well.

When you get valid information it is now up to you to take the risk. many people are not willing to let a dime out to get more. This attitude has leave many in poverty today.

Lack Of Courage

When someone doesn’t have courage it shows how weak the person is. Courage means being brave, this spirit enable you to face danger or pain without showing fear, for you to get what you want and stay out of poverty.

Always working alone/ Doing Things Alone

It might sound crazy right. When a person always want to do everything on his own, it would lead to failure.

People most times need other people to work with them to make progress. Two head are better than one.
The attitude of always doing everything alone can slow progress or even deny positive outcome.

Other Bad Attitude are:

Underestimating people:-

  1. when a person could have work with or under someone to get what they want. But instead they underestimate the person maybe due to age, qualifications, and more.

Then they loose the opportunity of getting out of poverty.


some people get sacked at work for telling lies and they fail to find good jobs later after.

Fighting :

This attitude has put many in poverty today.  I have seen people that likes fighting for no good reason, I’ll just ask my self why don’t this people join training for boxing. 😝 wasted talent 😁.

Manner of speech

The way you talk in some cases is a reason behind your present financial state.

In some county they value the manner in which you talk and judge you according to your words.

A rude manner would put you in big a whole.


when you take what doesn’t belongs to you no matter how small the thing is. it is stealing.

This attitude has destroyed many life and lead to Poverty or even prison for many years. This attitude has to stop if we want to progress.


Spiritual cause of Poverty

This part is based on different spiritual belief of humanity.
Spirituality is based on God. God is a spirit and he lives in the spirit.
Many people beliefs that the spirit world controls the earth we live in today, that we all need God help.
We have many types of religions, with different spiritual belief.

But I’ll be talking on the one am well familiar with. The christian way.
you should know yours, In case it’s not mentioned here.

1.Prayer less ness

When you are prayer less , it means you lack communication with God. And you can’t receive anything from God .

When you pray and ask from God he does everything for us. it doesn’t mean you will not work, but God will make things easier and faster for you due to your prayers.


A greedy person cannot receive anything from God, Anyone that want to receive blessing from God must not be greedy.
The Bible says “givers never lack.

However if the giving is not from your heart there’s no blessing for that.


Sin is another spiritual reason many people are poor today. The sin you commit will become an Hindrance to receiving anything from God, Always avoid sin To receive something from God.
Sin can be lying, stealing, adultery, backbiting, fornication, fighting etc.

4.Tithes & offering

In the bible, it was made known that christian are to bring 10% of their earning to the house of God.

The Bible made it compulsory to all christian willing to receive from God.

If you are not faithful in your tithes you are opened to facing more Spiritual financial obstacle.

Location cause of poverty

This point is something most people is familiar with. The place you stay, either country, state,city etc. can make you poor.
The economical problem of a country has caused many people to be in poverty today but they’re more to it.


A country with corrupt leader will end up facing lot of economical problem. This has affected so much life’s.

Making many people living in such country, to live in poverty. A corrupt leader uses his position of trust for dishonest gain, by embezzling money, accepting bribe, etc.

The money expected to be used for more important project. that will eradicate poverty, due to corruption such project will be abandoned and leave citizens in want.


Nepotism is special favoritism shown to relative or close friends by those in power (by giving them jobs). Mostly to unqualified people.

This attitude has seen some qualified people unable to get good jobs. A country with such leader will face problem due to unqualified people in important positions.


Many countries have been unable to provide jobs for many citizens. Causing lot of citizens to stay unemployed. This has resulted in poverty for many people.

4.Poor budgeting

A country with poor plans will make things difficult for citizens. Some country are starting from z when they’re to start from -A. A country without adequate planning will leave many people in poverty.

In addition the health condition of a person can also make he/she live in poverty. In most cases the person may have to spend millions to pay for their medical bills for them to survive.

And he/she might later become broke after the medical treatment. Due to the money they were forced to spend on their health.


A country with low educated citizens will have to face more problems. due to poor understanding level. (illiterate)
For us to eradicate poverty we need to correct all this mistake

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