February 27, 2024
Storekeeper Jobs In Canada

Current Storekeeper Jobs In Canada For Residents and Immigrants In 2024

In this article today we are going to be revealing the numerous Store Keeper jobs in Canada for residents and immigrants. The country is one of the most secure countries in the world. Is fired at getting the job done when it comes to accommodating visitors and employing them in their various job expertise. If you wish to travel to Canada or you are already in Canada, these are available world with high demand in 2023.



Storekeeper Jobs In Canada

These are people that take records of the items in a company’s store or warehouse. Remember this can also be someone’s personal warehouse. Below are various openings for Canadian residents and immigrants.



Storekeeper at Moose Jaw Repair Depot 

Qualification – Interpersonal skills and good communication

Location – South Moose Jaw Saskatwen 

Salary Range – $28.118 – $35.239

Job Type – Permanent full-time


Air Transat Storekeeper Job

Qualification – School Diploma & Aero space-related training 

Location – Montreal – Trudeau Airport 

Salary Range – 39.5k – $50k a year

Job Type – Full-time 

Responsibility – Receiving, Making orders, and taking records.


Storekeeper at Skyservice Business Aviation 

Qualification – High school Diploma & Airline store experience.

Location Salary Range – 35k – 44.3k a year 

Job Type – Full-time Permanent

Responsibility – Assistance in warehouse Operations and records.


Valtech Fabrication Storekeeping

Qualification – Warehouse experience, Responsible, and Computer knowledge

Location – Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC

Salary Range – $33.8k – $42.8k a year salary.

Job Type – Full-time 

Responsibility – Recieve and make orders, keep Warehouse records.


Warehouse Supervisor at Brother Choice food

Qualification – 2 Years experience and High school Certificate.

Location – O/A Cash and Carry  Edmonton, AB

Salary Range – $29 per hour

Job Type – Full-time Permanent 

Responsibility – Prepare & submit reports, Train workers in duty policy 


Store Keeper Government of Saskatchewan 

Qualification – Identifying and Ordering Products 

Location – South East Weyburn

Salary Range – $26.038 – 32.630 hourly 

Job Type – Permanent full-time 

Responsibility – Keeping warehouse records.


Cell Style Store Keeper

Qualification – No Educational Qualification is needed

Location – Regina, Saskatchewan 

Salary Range – $24 an hour

Job Type – Full-time 

Responsibility – Maintain office, Take calls, and keep records.


Night Storekeeper at Velan, QC

Qualification – No Formal Education Qualification 

Location – Montreal, QC

Salary Range – $22 – $26 per hour 

Job Type -Full-time 

Responsibility – Be able to lift a heavy load


HMMS Logistics LHSC Storekeeper 

Qualification – Grade 12 Education &Good communication skills

Location – St Joseph’s Health Care London ON

Salary Range – $40.3k – $51k per year 

Job Type – Full-time 

Responsibility – Keep a record of stocks


Store Keeper L3Harries Technologies 

Qualification – At least a High school certificate 

Location – Trenton ON

Salary Range – $49k-$62k per year 

Job Type – Full-time 

Responsibility – Logistics and Program Support Supervisors


Schlumberger Store keeper 

Qualification – 1-year experience and High school certificate

Location – Fort St. John, BC

Salary Range – $49k-$62k per year 

Job Type – Evening full time 

Responsibility – Inspect, Recieve, and store inventory items.



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