February 27, 2024
Rg135M vs RG135MP

RG351M vs RG351MP – Reasons why I still prefer My Old Anbernic Handheld to the New RG351MP

Retro games is enjoyable when played with a good handheld device. Today on Kkfact we are going to be revealing the Major Differences and similarities between RG351M vs RG351MP Handheld console. Ever since Anbernic introduced Rg350m in 2020, handheld lovers like myself anticipated for a new product but this wasn’t realizable due to the Covid19 eruption that threw most companies into dilemma. I can’t hide my excitement since they made the announcement of this new products which I’m going to be giving you details about on the corse of this article.



RG351M vs RG351MP Similarities and Differences

The love for handheld has made many people like myself indulge in some Unexplainable Things like staying up throughout the night to play my GAMES. As a kid growing up, I have always loved to win the hardest games and over the years it has increased my love for handhelds.

Before we dive into the comparison of this two products by ANBERNIC, let me give some tips about my user experience with ANBERNIC Rg351M.


I purchased this handheld early 2021 and has completely fallen in love with it even though I have been anticipating to get another handheld that will be better than this but since I wasn’t able to get another close to it . I have been using it on a daily basis. One thing I like about this product is its precision and the weight it carries with it. This gives me comfort when I use it to play my games.

Those who are new to Handhelds; seeking to play their retro games are recommended to go for this product because The company are indeed doing wonders from China. That is If you can’t afford the latest edition which we are going to compare below.


Anbernic Rg135M photo


Let’s dive into the specifications of Anbernic RG3531M. What’s are the features of this product?

Specifications of RG135M

  • Battery : Lithium Polymer 3500mAh
  • Gpu : MaliG31 MP2
  • WiFi Module
  • Processor : Rk3326 1.5GHz
  • Internal: DDR3L 1GB
  • Screen: 3.5 inch IPS screen, OCA full lamination /320*480
  • Size: 152mm x 71mm 0.26KG
  • Vibration Pack


The product has some unique features, For example it comes in two variations the metal and the Plastic variants.

Difference between RG351M Metal and Plastic variant

  • Color – Black /Grey (Almost the same colour)
  • Weight – Metal variant is heavier
  • Price – Metal is $139 while plastic is $40
  • Resistance – The Metallic variant can Resist scratches and mechanical vibration.
  • Lifespan – The two products last for a long time.
  • Display – One thing that I love about this product is the display which is around 480 * 320 resolution and it gives me ecstasy anything I pick it up to play my games.

With this product my sight is protected because Imbedded on it is a good saturation level that protects the eye from damage. The analogue button is Just like the DPAD which aids in playing various games with ease as a result of the robustness of the buttons; the product carries Analog button at the left with a double scaling which gives natural feels for retro games and advanced games too.

In General the major difference between this product and RG351P is the Wifi module and the Metallic case. Every other thing on it is the same including the ABXY buttons and WiFi Module.

Other physical features are the ISB-C ports, reset buttons, speakers and SD Card slots which are all located by the side. The edition can play Nintendo games perfectly but can’t play all PSP, NDS DC games perfectly, it may require a lot of setting to play the above mentioned games because of its high possessing CPU.

Another special thing about RG3531M is that, if you know how to setup the Wifi module, you can play with others who has the same exact product as you. Although this takes time and only expects can pull this off.


Rg351M flaws

It Can’t play big N64 games like Golden eye and the sound is not audible enough in some games. much for a $139 handheld but it stands out from others of the same prone range.


Let’s Look at the new Anbenic RG3531MP features before comparing their differences.

Although tagged the latecomer by Handheld and retro gamers, this handheld from Anbenic Ak3326 chipset is a good sight to behold. The beauty and specifications made me dump my favorite handheld oops for weeks. Of course I love good things too. Since handheld companies are back on track after the covid19 break, New handheld will keep coming into the market Which make this product fade away faster. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a beauty to behold. Now let’s get into it .

Anbernic RG135MP photo

Specifications of Anbernic RG135MP

  • Weight: 267g
  • Mali: G31 GPU
  • Display: 3.5 IPS (640 $ 480 -4:80 -4:4)
  • Dingle wifi
  • Battery 3500mah
  • 1GB RAMl
  • 3.5MM Headphone Jack
  • Rock Chip Rk3326 @1.5Ghz

Let’s feed our soul on the major features which sets this product out from its predecessors. Starting with the color, it comes in three color Variants namely – Ocean blue , Mint Green and Matte black and that make it more beautiful than other Anbenic series of handheld.

Another feature that I love about this product is that it’s made of aluminum metal. Which makes it light and warm when held.

Furthermore, just like the previous Anbernic handheld, the button arrangement are same, It comes with 2 SD card slots with the speaker button situated at the top to give you convenience while playing. Secondly; the back carries an RG rubber to give more comfort it its users. Before we conclude this section we will also bring to your notice that this handheld does not play N64 games and PSP games smoothly because there will be presence of cracking, Lagging and sound delay.

To cap it all this product is arguably the best Anbernic series to me but take a look at the complete comparison between Anbernic Rg351M and Rg351MP in the tale belowBelow.


[table id=15 /]

RG351M vs RG351MP

Which Product is Better?

Having explained all the specifications and features of the two hand held this what I have to say about the two Products. I have been using the rg135m for over a year and I must confess that I have literally fallen in love it. But as a Handheld lover who always want to get more out of Games, this is my advice to you. Having purchased and used the latest RG351MP handheld I realized that its more comfortable to use as regards to the rubber attached to to the back, those who would go a day on their devices should consider this product. Another striking thing about I noticed about it is that the colors are very flashy and allows show anytime I’m in public. The sound is fine and the speakers are moderate too. The resolution is also fine. The main reason why I prefer my old Anbernic is because I think I’m fond of it already, I feel more more with the old product although that might change with time. I also love the weight and the balance I get when using it. Inclusion, There is no major difference between the two products; therefore if you have low budget go for the one you can afford.


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