Prayer For Someone To Leave You Alone: How I overcome it with prayer

So You want to know the prayer for someone to leave you alone.?

What ever might be your problem, be rest assured that they will be solved. When you go through this article.

You might be facing a situation where as someone doesn’t want to leave you alone. Maybe physically or Spiritually.

I’ll show you how to pray and overcome.

before we go far let’s understand what we are dealing with.

What Is Prayer?

Prayer is a mean in which we communicate with God. It is also the means by which the mortal men communicate with the immortal God.

Why Some People will Not Leave You Alone

The strange situation people face, where by someone doesn’t want to let them go.

The truth is there’s always a reason behind it. which might seems obvious. The only reason why someone would refuse to leave you alone.

It’s either the person is gaining a special benefit from you that you might be unaware of. Or there’s a Spiritual assignment keeping them waiting.

For instant when a guy refuse to leave his ex alone. the reason would be, he’s gaining some benefit that no one else can easily offer.

The Spiritual reason is when someone is on a Spiritual assignment, most times it’s an evil assignment. To attack you on a targeted time or moment.

Another case can be when your boss at work wants to have a sexually affair with you. And he’s insisting and threatening to sack you.

Then you need prayers to let him leave you alone.

Why Your Prayers Are Not Getting Answers?

You might have tried praying on this situation but no answer yet. Then you’ve been doing it the wrong way.

Prayer need some backing to be effective.

Is your Spiritual life is not  up to standard for fast Answers, you need to Understand Spiritual Growth  to overcome like I did.

Prayers For Someone To Leave You Alone

Prayer is a powerful weapon for every Christian. and it is the only way to overcome problem.

I want you to believe that your problem is settled. Cause I’ll be showing you how to pray for someone to leave you alone.

  1. Lord I come before you in Truth and in spirit, pleading for your help. Anything that will hinder my prayer this moment I cancel them. father deliver me from the hands of people that refuse to leave me alone, in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus I pray that you deliver me from people that doesn’t not want to let me go in Jesus name. 


Prayer is the only way to God and I urge you to get more knowledge about prayer for fast answer.

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