Prayer For Help: Get Instant And immediate Answers

You will surely understand what prayer for help means. This content will provide essential answer to your question.

Prayer is a power weapon for every Christian, so a Christian when praying for help, you would certainly want immediate Answer.

The desperation is felt by many as they struggle with life and the existence of all kinds of problems such as health, family, relationships.

The reason why you are here and  reading this article is because you have a problem that need divine assistant.

You are in the right place, cause I’ll show you the best way to pray for help and receive immediate Answers to your request.

 What Is Prayer For Help?

Prayer for help are prayers we pray in time of trouble, sorrow and problem. Many people still beliefs help is only a human will or decision.

But help is from the lord. Cause he created us and knows what we want. 

Jesus taught us how to pray and assures us of Answers to our prayers that is why we have to pray.

Prayer for help can provide comfort when suffering from illness or suffering. It can be used to express gratitude when one has received an undeserved gift.

Prayer For Help

For example, when one receives an unexpected promotion at work. Prayer can also be used to find peace in times of suffering or crisis to give oneself hope and courage in the difficult moments of life that may lead to transformation and deliverance.

Why people don’t receive immediate Answers to prayers

Prayer is the only way to God, so failing to learn how to pray would be an hindrance to immediate Answers to your prayers, and might bring in disappointment.

Before praying they are important fact we must know and be sure of, to avoid Hindrance to answers of our prayers.

There are:


Sin means doing what is wrong in God sight.

When you have sin in your life you shouldn’t expect answer to your prayers. Sin are things that God hate and dislike.

Some examples of sin are stealing, lying, fighting, adultery, backbiting,envy, etc. Sin can hinder your prayers, cause God don’t listen to the prayer of a sinner.

2. Praying Wrong Prayers

Knowing the right request to set before God is something most christian fails to and still don’t know.

Making the wrong request at the right time can be the cause to hindrance.

Or making the right request at the wrong time is another thing.

3. No Faith or little Faith

Having no or little faith is another possible hindrance to immediate answers to prayers.

Your faith is your belief and it shows you know whom you are praying to.


4. Failing to understand the component of prayer.

Prayer is a Spiritual weapon. But they are other component of prayer you must know, to get fast answers. Some component of prayer are


Is one of the component to receive fast answers to your prayers.

Praises and worship

Praising and worshipping God is also one of the best way to receive a speedy answer to your prayers. And to move the hands of God.


Faith is also a component of prayer. it work is to show that you believe and trust the God you are serving.


When you pray patient also play a key role in helping you stay strong.

 Praying in Group

In the bible it is written, “one will chase 1000 and two will chase 10,000”. it shows how Prayer works when you have someone to pray with. but it’s fine if there’s no body.

Group praying is just to make things faster and to keep your focus.

How To Pray To God For Help

Prayer is an act of religious devotion that involves invoking or otherwise seeking the assistance of a deity, spirit, or other supernatural agent.

Folk religions may believe in divine intervention (e.g., prayers) as well as spiritual intervention (e.g., charms.


How To Ask God For Help

Prayer is the act of talking to God. The word “prayer” comes from the Latin word for “asking.”

There are many ways people tend to ask for help, but there are times when words will not be enough. Perhaps you need a miracle or your prayers aren’t answered yet. You need to understand how prayer work to get things ready I’ll urge you read this

Everything You Need To know About Prayer

 Some Prayers For Help

Prayer for help
Prayer For Help

1.Prayer for help in time of trouble.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I hand over all my battles to the lord Jesus Christ, the lord fight for me, I hold my peace. I am an overcomer through the name of Jesus Christ. I am victorious in all circumstances and situation that are against me, in Jesus name .     (Amen).

2. prayers For Help Against Your Enemies

Jesus Christ has defeated all my enemies, and they are brought down and fallen under my feet, in the name of Jesus. I Crush my enemies to the ground and I command them to begin to lick up the dust of the earth under my feet.

3.Prayer for help Against any Blockage and barriers

I tread upon and destroy completely, all strongholds and barriers of the enemy against me, in the name of Jesus. I tread on them with the shoes of the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ. I make a utter ruin of them with all their possessions, kingdoms,thrones, dominions,palaces and everything in then in Jesus name. (Amen)

4. Prayer For Help In Time Of Need.

Who’s like unto him, our God, who dwells on high, far above all powers and dominions? He raiseth up  the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill. As you said in your word whatsoever I desire when I should believe and I shall receive in the name of Jesus.

Lord I pray today that you bless me and provide for all my need.

In conclusion

Prayer can be difficult sometimes but we all need to Understand how Prayer works to overcome all problems.

If you went through this post, I hope you should be able to overcome all possible problem.

I think there’s something I can add to this article  but I can’t remember now.

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