NSPPD Live Stream Today – Watch Pastor Jerry Eze Live Now Today Online (2022)

Pastor Jerry Eze the Founder of Streams of Joy International & the host of New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration (NSPPD), NSPPD Live Stream today produces marvelous miracle works and its currently the Number 1 Prayer streaming platform worldwide.


NSPPD Live Stream today

New season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration which is Anchored by Pastor Jerry Eze the founder of (Streams of Joy church) which was a product of the Covid19 Sit at home period has rapidly grown into the worlds No 1 prayer line network.

Daily Many Christian believers gather online Via NSPPD YouTube channel and their other streaming platforms (Both on Their official website and Mobile app), Television and other viewing platforms to pray in harmony with high expectancy of God’s healing and Miracle.

New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations originated during 2020 Corona Virus Outbreak which prevented Christians from gathering to Worship God. the 40 years Old pastor Jerry Eze was furious about the fact that Christians were finding it so difficult to gather together and worship God; Subsequently God gave him the idea of Pulling believers together online and he gave it a shot.

Today NSPPD is ranked the number 1 Prayer streaming platform worldwide. Pulling Over 1. 5 million streams daily.
In this Article we are gonna cover everything you need to know about Nsppd including how you can Join the NSPPD Live Stream now today; Also, we will reveal all Nsppd Various church branches in Nigeria and abroad, Social Media handles and Online streaming platforms.

For easy navigation, kindly Use our table of content below to jump to any section you wish to read quickly, Aside such situation, you can read thoroughly and get all the basic information about the Pastor Jerry Eze’s NSPPD.


Jerry Eze Live Streaming today

On a daily Basis the renowned fire and Miracle packed online prayer and declaration section takes place in the morning (7:00pm) with many Christian believers joining from across the world. Pastor Jerry Eze the Founder of New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration comes live on steaming platforms to pray along with Christian faithfuls. The program has been tagged one of the most Miracle filled online program Worldwide with testimonies pouring in on a daily basis within and outside Nigeria.

Everyone is allowed to Join Nsppd Live Stream now today live with their smartphones. There are no registration fee or consultation fee, the Miracle packed program is open to those who are trusting God for miracles and break through.

Nsppd Live Stream now today

NSPPD Social Media handles

How do I Join New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration online live?
It’s pretty simple, if you want to be joining the Program Daily without missing any episode of the Prayers, follow the the 3 procedures proceedures below.


How to Join Pastor Jerry Eze Nsppd Live today on YouTube

  • Go to YouTube with your smartphone or Laptop
  • Search for “Pastor Jerry Eze”
  • Subscribe to his YouTube channel
  • Turn on the notification Button
    With this, you will get notified anytime he comes live on his YouTube channel.


How to follow Pastor Jerry Eze live on NSPPD website

  • Go to Google.com
  • Search for Nsppdlive.com
  • Click on the website
  • You can now Join Pastor Jerry Eze Live daily on the website by watch the videos daily.


How to follow Pastor Jerry Eze live on Nsppd Mobile App

  •  Go to their website or Google play store
  • And Download Nsppdlivestream app
  • Sign in and keep tabs with the Livestreams.


NSPPD Social Media platforms

Being the biggest Online prayer network, New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration has made grounds on Social media platforms with thousands of followers and active participants worldwide. Below are links to their platforms on Social media handles.


Nsppd Live Today on Facebook

New season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration has a large number of users and followers on their Facebook page. The man of God comes live on Facebook daily to pray and minister to his followers as well as release Prophetic Declarations that liberates one from the shackles of the devil. Below is  Nsppd Facebook Profile / Username. Click the links below to go straight to their Facebook page and  follow Nsppd immediately.

NameStreams of Joy  or New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration 
No. of followers – 1.5M / 300k+ followers and still Increasing.


Nsppd Instagram handle

To follow New season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration on Instagram, kindly follow them via their handle below
Username – @Streamsofjoyinternational
Or @realjerryeze

No. Of followers – 200k and still counting.


Nsppd Prayer live Today

During the new Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration live stream sections, There is fullness of prayers and supplications will the man of God Pastor Jerry Eze Ministers online. Also, there is a specific prayer topic assigned to every prayer section which is usually pronounced by Pastor Jerry Eze.


NSPPD Live on Mixlr

New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration is also on Mixlr. Mixlr is an online stream app that enables its users to stream their favorite shows live. Pastor Jerry Eze Ministers live daily On Mixlr via Nsspd profile. Kindly click the link below to sign up and follow Nsppd live on Mixlr website or Mobile App. Join Nsppd Live stream today on Mixlr Here


Nsppd Live Stream Today


20 facts about Jerry Eze

  1. ‌He was Born on August 22, 1975
  2. He is the founder of Streams of Joy International
  3. Pastor Jerry Eze is From Bende Local Government Area, Abia State Nigeria.
  4. He is the founder of Nsppd.
  5. He is Igbo by tribe.
  6. He is married.
  7. His wife of Mrs Eno Jerry.
  8. He has 2 Children named Jerry and Samara.
  9. He went Abia state University (ABSU) and University of Greenwich London.
  10. He studied History and international Relations / Entrepreneurship.
  11. He started his ministry In 2009.
  12. He founded his Ministry Streams of Joy International in 2011 in Abia state.
  13. NSPPD Stands for – New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration.
  14. He started Nsspd live stream today in 2020 during Covid19 Outbreak.
  15. Nsspd starts at exactly 700:am (WAT)
  16. Jerry Eze’s Streams of Joy International church Headquarters is located at Klm 4 Ikot Ekpene Road, Umuahia in Abia state.
  17. He Holds 6 services per Sunday (Between 6:30 – 1:30)
  18. Streams of Joy Abuja is located at – M&M Event Center, 11 Tafawa Belewa Road, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.
  19. Streams of Joy has Branches in Texas, Atlanta, Nottingham UK, Birmingham UK, Calgary & Edmonton, Canada.
  20. Pastor Jerry Eze Has a mantle of Healing.


Quick Links to All Nsppd live streaming platforms Online

Instagram live stream 👉 Instagram Handle Here

Facebook Live Stream 👉 Facebook Page Here

YouTube Live Stream 👉 Youtube Channel Here

Website live stream 👉 Official Website Here

Mixlr Live Stream 👉 Mixlr Here


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