kufrex Crypto – Basic Information | Legit or Scam

Hello welcome to kkfact, today we are going to be revealing everything you need to know about Kufrex tading. On Tiktok I usually see the advert of Kufrex and I decided to run a quick research about them


What is Kufrex trading all about ?

Kufrex is a new coin that was launched recently into the crypto world. It is already up on Binance and trading platforms across the world. They are new to the crypto market.


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Is Kufrex Legit or scam?

According to our research, the coin is new in the market so its yet the get review from users and other review companies, therefore its too early to label it a scam.


Kufrex Website

currently Kufrex has no official website. Hopefully they will launch their coin soon but for now, they are without a website. We are waiting for them to launch their website which they might do soon.


Should I Invest in the coin?

we Wouldn’t Advice Anyone to throw their money into the coin yet until they make their aim and objectives known to the pubic. Finally as we always advice, Invest the amount you can endure.

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