Different kinds of Negative prayers Christians most avoid

The act of praying a negative prayer to God can be classified as a sin.

many people are caught praying negative prayers, knowingly or unknowingly, which might hinder them from receiving anything from God.

In this post I’ll explain the types of Negative prayers people needs to avoid, for them to see the mercy of God, and What to do when prayer doesn’t seem to be working.

Different kinds of Negative prayers

1. Praying for Someone to die:

Some people have been found making such prayers, whereby they had a misunderstanding with someone, and the next thing they did was pray for that person to die.

God created everything, and knows what’s best, God created the good and the bad. No one should expect God to kill someone for you just because of a little misunderstanding.
This kind of prayer can be classified as a negative prayer.

2. Praying for God to do magic:

God is dominant, but he’s not a magician who does tricks. God is a supernatural God who has made everything perfectly.
Just like the trial of Jesus when the devil asked him to jump down from the high place, he refused and rebuke the devil.
Once a person knows the right thing but he’s praying to God to perform magic, such a person is praying a negative prayer.

3. Praying with evil thoughts in your heart:

Our God is holy, we must acknowledge that he can see our hearts. No man can decide God.

Kind of Negative prayers

When a person is praying for forgiveness and he’s thinking of how he will commit the same sin tomorrow. This kind of prayer is a negative prayer.

4. Praying To God to take your life:

A person praying to God to do evil is praying against God’s will.
No matter the crisis you find yourself in, don’t pray for death, the Lord will surely come to your rescue once you’re on his side.

What matters in life is destiny, once you’ve fulfilled your destiny you’re accepted in heaven.

Instead of praying for death, pray that God show’s you the secret of your problem, so you’ll know what type of prayer to pray next.

What do you do when prayer doesn’t work?

This question is a question many people ask most times, and I’ll be answering them below.
Prayer is important but may seem not to be working out, then what do you do, read the below content for the answer to your question.

1. Check your life:

You need to check your life and ask yourself, am I truly for Christ, is my way of life-giving glory to God, is there any sin in my life that may cause unanswered prayers.

Try to check your life deeply, the Bible says, “the prayer of a sinner is an abomination in the sight of God”.

If a person is sinning, he/she shouldn’t expect anything from the Lord, cause their prayer is an abomination to God. Try read, the kind of sin a Christian is not reckoned to commit.

2. Ask God to show you the secret behind your problem:

Sometimes, the major reason most people don’t get answers to their prayers is that they’re praying the wrong prayers.
Ask the Lord to show you the secret of your problem, so you can pray targeted prayers.

3. Try praises:

Many people are not taking advantage of the power of praise.
Most people just do little to no praises, then jump into prayer.

Praises move God to action, the Bible says God is “fearful in praise”.

Praising God is another way to connect to God, Paul and Silas praised God without thinking of their present Condition and God came to their rescue.
Why not try praising God, if prayer seems not to be working out. Some people’s blessings are in praises, not prayer.

4. Keep praying:

Prayer is not always too much.
some people quit when they’re close to victory, I’ll advise you to go through all the steps above, then once you see you’re doing the right thing, try to stick to your prayers.

The Lord will surely answer your prayers. The Lord knows what’s the best time for everyone, don’t compare yourself to another person, every human is made differently, with Different destinies and purposes in life.

Another reason to keep praying is hindered prayer, some people’s prayers get hindered by evil powers.
These are things you need to do once it seems prayer is not working for you.


Negative prayers are bad prayers we need to avoid, I’ve listed some of the types of Negative prayers to avoid as a Christian.

And if prayer doesn’t seem to be working for you, then they’re things you have been doing wrong, you can scroll up to read what to do if prayer doesn’t work.
Feel free to comment below if they are any questions.

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