How to Use USSD Code to Check my GLO Number 2023 – Complete Guide

Do you want to know how to use the USSD code to check my GLO number? Here is the easiest and best way to check your phone number for free on Glo. Here’s an opportunity to learn about your Glo number today, since you’ll need to share it with other people at some point.

You don’t have to keep your cell phone numbers in a phone book or write them down in a paper notebook. Getting your Glo number is easy with your phone.


How to Look Up Glo Number in Nigeria

Glo is one of the best networks in Nigeria because its call rates and data bundles are cheaper than those of some other networks. Choose from the options below to learn how to check your Glo number:

  1.  Call a number with four digits.
  2. To confirm a Glo number, use a USSD code that works with more than one network.
  3. Double-check your Glo rate plan.
  4. Call your phone contacts.

Glo Network is the best for many people who make money. Most of its customers choose the tariffs with the lowest prices so they can save money. Because of this, the number of people who buy from the business grows every year. You should also know that Glo Mobile has 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks for mobile phones. In the real world, 5G could make it 10–20 times faster to browse the web and download files.



How to Know your GLO Number

Find out how to call or use USSD to get your GLO number. See the next steps.

1. How to Know my Glo Number by Calling a Four-Digit Number

Call 1244 after you put your Glo SIM card into your phone and turned it on. Glo will send you an activation code, and a computer voice will say your phone number, digit by digit.


How to Use USSD Code to Check a GLO Number 2023


2. How to Use a Multi-Network USSD Code to Check a Number on Glo

If you want to quickly Check my Glo number, you can do so by dialing *135*8#. On the screen of your phone, you’ll see the phone number with the country code. Change 234 to 0 to show this (e.g. 23408045654321 to 08045654321).


This is another easy and quick way to find out how to check your Glo phone number. You can use this strategy with any sim card from a phone service provider. It doesn’t matter if the line is from Airtel, Glo, MTN, or 9Mobile.


Here is How to Check my Number on Glo by Confirming my Tariff Plan

Find out how to get my Glo number by looking at the price plan. After you put your Glo SIM card in your phone, turn it on and follow these steps.

  •  On your device, type *777#.
  • Choose 4 (My tariff plan).
  • Choose 3 (My number).
  • Your phone’s screen will show your Glo number.
  • Call or text the people in your phone book

After putting in your Glo sim card and turning on your phone, you can call or text anyone close to you. Your Glo number is the number that shows up on their phone.

This is the fastest way to find your phone number on all networks, but you should be careful because giving your information to strangers could let thieves know.

If you are far away from someone, you can send an SMS or call to check your number. They suggested that you think about other options.

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