How to Sell Your house with Sundae Real Estate in Africa & Europe – Step by Step Guide

Sundae’s Marketplace makes selling a house as-is easy. You’ll avoid repairs, showings, and costs. They ‘ll remove unwanted goods to make your move as flexible as feasible. We will walk through How to Sell Your house with Sundae Real Estate.

Too long, homeowners without the time or finances to fix up a house before selling have always been taken advantage of by their buyers. Sundae  Real Estate was founded to change this narrative. Real estate has become a Goldmine in our present Economy and those with expertise are really making millions of the realty industry.


Sundae Real Estate Company Review

Before venturing into a business venture with any realty company its very important and mandatory to look out for reviews and the what customers are saying about them. Sundae realty is a company that has broken into the realty space because of their mode of operation.

What do Sundae Real Real Estate has to offer?

  1. They help home-owners without funds to repair their projects land great bids that suits the actual worth of their Projects/buildings.
  2. Using agents are time – and money-consuming. With sundae estate you don’t need to wait for ages to sell your building. They bridge that gap through their marketing strategy and media presents. Giving you guaranty of getting a satisfying offer for your home with Less or no stress.
  3. If you lack the time or means to get a house market-ready, you can sell it “off-market.” Off-market customers buy as-is, so you don’t need to make repairs or do adverts or sampling.
  4. Off-market purchasers prey on sellers coping with job loss, divorce, or a family death. They target homeowners that need to sell quickly. Every dollar the buyer doesn’t give the seller goes into their pocket.
  5. Sundae connects house sellers with a huge network of local investors to ensure they get the maximum off-market price.


How To Join Sundae Real Estate Investors

  1. log on to
  2. Register with your details
  3. Download their App – They source possibilities for you using specific filters, critical insights, and property details.
  4. Start exploring available buildings up for sale – Sundae Funding+ offers low rates, waived late fees, and quick funding in as short as five days.


Different Membership Available on the Platform


Sundae Estate Locations Presently

  • Oakland

  • Sacramento

  • Orange County

  • Las Vegas

  • Los Angeles

  • Inland Empire

  • Dallas & Fort Worth

  • Houston

  • Atlanta


How to Sell Your House with Sundae Real Estate in Africa/Europe

With Sundae spreading its wings to Africa realty market, You can sell your property from your location in Africa, Europe, and other continents; simply follow these procedures.

  • Step 1 – Register through their app or website
  • Step 2 – Fill up form or talk to a Sundae expert to see if we can help you. Their Customer Advisors can help. call 800-214-4426
  • Step 3 – They will visit your location for a brief walkthrough, assess your home’s condition, and discuss your needs. They’ll also give you a detailed explanation of the steps to come if you choose to list your home on Sundae’s Marketplace.
  • Step 4 – Submit your Selling request and they ‘ll prepare your auction listing with images, a 3D tour, and a property inspection.
  • Step 5 – Check your eligibility to Get a $10,000 cash advance, this to enable you move out of the building.
  • Step 6– After submission, keep reviewing your offers as the app will keep notifying you about the best offers.
  • Step 7– Accept the best offer and close your listing on their market place.
  • Sell your building.

Note – You have too prepare all your documents prior the Transaction.


Who is the CEO of Sundae Realty company

The CEO of sundae realty is Josh Stech, a native of San Fransisco, California United States. Sundae helps people sell a house that needs work. Better price, no fees. AS-IS. No repairs, showings, or open houses. Get a $10,000 cash advance and close on time. has more. You can follow him on Linkedin.



  • BA Economics
  •  BA Spanish
    All certificate from Stanford University.

Contact Information of Sundae

  • Contact Email
  • Phone Number 800-214-4426


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