February 27, 2024
How to pray right

How To Pray Right: step by step guideline

Most Christian find it hard to pray the right way,


Many people are still yet to know how to pray all on their own.

In this very important topic of how to pray, I’ll be showing you how to pray the right way with scripture backing.

How To Pray Right

It is necessary to pray right. It is possible to pray wrong. It is better
to pray right. To pray right one must:
1. Repent from all his sins first
2. You must learn to Pray in faith
3. According to the will of God
4. Pray according to the word of God
5. Depend upon the Holy Spirit
6. Believe that God will hear and answer you
7 Pray the word of God
8. Realize that God does not lie
9. Realize that God cannot fail
10. Realize that God does not disappoint his own.
11. Discover the will of God from the word of God
12. Pray in the Spirit or tongues
13. Sing in the Spirit or tongues
14. Add fasting to prayers as is necessary
15. Be persistent
16. Be consistent
17. Persevere in prayer
18. Be expectant of the answers
19. Be willing to wait for the answers
20. Keep thanking God in faith believing that the answers have


How to pray right

The benefit of Praying right (LUKE 11: 9-10)

1.  You will get quick answers to your prayers
2. You will get correct answers to your prayers
3. Your joy will be full
4. Your tears will be wiped away
5. Tension will be removed from your life
6. Your confidence in God shall grow
7. You will trust more in God
8. Your faith will develop
9. The peace of God shall saturate your life
10. The future will become brighter for you
11. Others will copy your example
12. You will become a profitable instrument in the hand of God
13. You will make it to heaven.

5 Steps to pray the right way

1. Repent from all sin
2. Give thanks to God
3. Ask God what you want
4. End all prayer within Jesus’ name
5. Believe and Have faith.

Step 1: Repent from all sin:

As human beings, we are most likely to have committed one sin or the other, maybe through our thought, speech, actions, and beliefs.

How to pray right
Repent for all sins

Ask for forgiveness and repent from all known sins that are the first step to starting a prayer.

Step 2: Give thanks to God:

Give thanks to God, for the good things he has done in your life, for spearing your life, for creating your soul, for creating this world, for keeping your life, e.t.c.

How to pray
Give thanks to God

You can spend as much time as you keep remembering the good things God has done in your life.

Step 3: Ask God What you want:

Every heart praying to God has a wish and want, you can now tender it to God.
Ask God for whatever you want him to do for you. It can be promoting, successful business, wisdom, financial help, material help, or spiritual help.
God has said we should “ask it shall Be given, seek you shall find”.

Step 4: End all prayers with (in the name of Jesus):

Jesus Christ the son of God came to this world to die for man’s sin, then God now gave him power and authority, that in the name of Jesus every knee shall bow.

How to pray right
Jesus cross

Once you’re about to conclude your prayers, always make to conclude it within the name of Jesus.
Cause without his name all your prayers will be a waste.

Step 5: believe and have faith:

It is very important to believe and have faith, that God has answered your prayers if you want your prayers to be effective.
Faith moves mountain, the Bible says “if thou has a faith like a mustache seed, you shall decree a thing and it shall be established”
You can’t doubt the Lord and expect him to work for you Faith is very important in prayer.


learning how to pray the right way is important for every Christian “Men ought always to pray and not to faint(Luke 28:2).

This is one of the greatest spiritual skills and weapons needed to survive in life and excel as a child of God. God expects us to cultivate a very powerful and effective prayer life. It pays to invest everything possible to develop a strong prayer life.

This will create and result in undelayed
answers and solutions to all the challenges of life
I wish you resounding success in the Holy Spirits School of Prayer.
comment below if they’re any questions concerning this post.

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