How To pray for Long Hours (5-10) without Getting Tired

Are you finding it difficult to pray for long hours? do you know you can pray for long hours without getting tired?

In this content, I’ll show you how to pray for long hours without getting tired.

Most people think a person can’t pray for 4–5 hours, Which is false. According to my experience, I’ll share with you, how to pray for long hours.

But firstly, I’ll like us to look at what prayer means, so you will understand what I’m trying to bring out.

What is prayer?

Prayer is an act of communicating with your maker.

prayer is different from, we have the prayer of thanksgiving, the prayer of requests, interceding prayers, deliverance prayer, healing prayers, etc.

Prayer is one of the main means of communicating with God. Not all people know how to pray but that’s not our topic, for now, our topic is how to pray for long hours.

Since you’ve understood what prayer means and the different types of prayers, we can now dive into the main topic.

How to pray for long hours

In this part, I’ll break down what and how to pray long for long hours:

1. Ask for God’s help:

There’s nothing any man can do if God doesn’t allow it, so it’s very wise to ask for the help of the Lord.

How to pray for long hour

When God helps you, you’ll find praying for long hours easier, though the devil will still strike, once you’re able to stay strong on God’s side you’ll surely prevail.

2. Create a prayer target:

Before people go into prayer, there’s always a reason behind the prayer. To pray for long hours list out all your prayer target for that prayer session. With this, you’ll not easily run out of ideas of what to say.

3. Find a prayer partner:

The Bible says iron sharpens iron, the Bible also said one will chase 1 thousand and two will chase ten thousand.
Once you have a prayer partner it will be easier for you to pray for long hours.

4. Speaking in tongues:

Another form of prayer most people don’t practice extensively is praying in tongues.

Once the Holy Spirit has had an encounter with you and you’ve received the gift of speaking in tongues, you can also use it to pray for long hours.

5. Sing prayer songs:

They’re Some types of prayers that are in form of songs, you can sing prayer songs to pray for long hours.
This is another way to get started.
Prayer songs can either be warfare songs, or any kind of prayer songs.

6. Connect to the spirit :

Connect your soul, body, and spirit to you the spirit of heaven.
With this, you’ll gain inspiration from heaven to go longer. Once the presence of the Holy Spirit is felt, then there’s a high tendency of going for long hours.

7. Pray interceding prayers:

Interceding prayers is when you pray on behalf of another person, this will help you pray for long hours. You can pray for your family, friends, nation, and a lot more, etc.

This may seem weird but the Bible as us to pray for others, this act is something that will surely help your prayer life.

How can I pray for long hours without getting tired

For you to pray for long hours without getting tired, you need the help of God, you need to connect to the spirit, pray in tongues, and sing prayer songs, for the full explanation you can check the guide above.

How to pray for long hours without getting tiredSpiritual warfare prayers For Supernatural Breakthrough

How many hours should I pray?

There are no certain hours or times to pray. You can for as long as the spirit leads you.
The Bible also tells us to pray without ceasing. Prayer is not too much, pray for as long as you can.

What happens if you pray every day?

When you engage in prayers every day, you’re developing your spiritual life indirectly. The more you pray the more extended hours you can pray.
Prayer is not always too much, and it’s important to always pray every day as a Christian, by this you’re devoting your life to God’s hands daily.

How many times a day should someone pray

There’s no actual number of times to pray, but the most important times to pray are in the morning, after waking up, and in the evening before going to bed.
Prayer is precious and there’s no number of time to pray daily. Always follow your heart and spirit.


Praying for long might sound impossible, though, I’ve explained how to pray for long hours.
Prayer is key in transforming your life, always try to pray for as long as you can.
Prayer is not too much, it is for your benefit.



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