Easy Guide on How to move GMEE From Arc8 To Wallet : Arc8 Currencies and how to play Games

Kkfact has briefly explained How to move GMEE From Arc8 to Wallet without Stress alongside other important things you need to know about GMEE. We have carefully analyzed arc8, GMEE withdrawal, Metamask & trust wallet withdrawal procedures, GMEE  official contract address and many other important things you need to get yourself on the right track .


The first procedure in withdrawing your Token to your wallet is by creating a verified and active Metamask wallet or Trust wallet. After creating the wallet, navigate to to polygon section and setup / connect your wallet Mainnets network.


How do I withdraw GMEE From Arc8 to my metaMask Wallet


The main thing to have in mind when you wish to transfer Your GMEE from Arc8 to your Metamask wallet is to ensure that you are transferring to a reliable network that fully supports polygon network.

To avoid loss, kindly transfer switch your to polygon network before transferring your token to avoid loss. Secondly, make sure you are using the correct Arc8 Contract address ; below is their verified and official contract address : 0xcf32822ff397Ef82425153a9dcb726E5fF61DCA7 .

Below is a step by step guide on how to move your GMEE from arc8 to metaMask.


  • Step 1 – Select Polygon Network as seen on the photo below.
How to move GMEE from Arc8 to your MetaMask wallet
arc8 withdrawal


  • Step 2 – Navigate to to importation section, click “Import Tokens”
select import token
arc8 token price


  • Step 3 – Input “Token Address” as seen below 0xcf32822ff397Ef82425153a9dcb726E5fF61DCA7


  • Step 4 – Select Token Symbol as : GMEE


  • Step 5 – Select Token Decimal as : 18

Note : step 4&5 are contained in the image above


  • Step 6 – Click the “Import Tokens” and confirm!!.
GMEE from Arc8 to your MetaMask wallet
confirming gmee token wallet

You have successfully moved / transfered your GMEE. By now Your should be able to see your Polygon GMEE token on your screen shown below;


How do I move GMEE from Arc8 to Trust wallet


  • Step 1 – On your home screen, Navigate to the top right corner and click !
How to move / withdraw GMEE from Arc8 to your Trust wallet
steps in moving GMEE token from arc8 to trust wallet
  • Step 2 – click the Search button, and search for for GAMEE.

Note : One thing to look out for is, Although GMEE may be visible on your screen, make sure that it’s on the Polygon Network. Failure to verify this may lead to loose of your GMEE.

TO Verify this, simply Click on “Add Custom Token” to look for it on the Polygon Network as seen below !

add custom token on gamee

  • Step 3 – copy and Paste the following settings correctly
  1. Set Network: Polygon
  2. Set Contract address: 0xcf32822ff397Ef82425153a9dcb726E5fF61DCA7
  3. Set Name : GAMEE
  4. Set Symbol : GMEE
  5. Set Decimals : 18

How to withdraw GMEE token from arc8 to my wallet

Lastly, click on “Save”, and you will be able to see your $GMEE on Trust Wallet!


Other important things about Arc8 and GMEE that you should know has been explained below.


What is GMEE Contract Address

Contract Address is very important in the crypto and NFT space that’s why we always recommend proper checking & confirmation of contract address before usage. The Official and verified contract address is 0xcf32822ff397Ef82425153a9dcb726E5fF61DCA7


This is practically all you need to succeed in the journey of withdrawing your GMEE from arc8 to your personal trust wallet or Metamask or any other platform you are using.

Did you get value on how to move GMEE from Arc8 to your wallet accounts following the simple guide above. All check this briefings about arc8 below


How do I make money on Arc8

ARC8 has over 2M people already competing on the app for the games that are currently available. If you are just joining arc8, this guide will give you a head shot on how to boost your earning in a short period of time.

How to make money on Arc8


Its imperative that you understand the most reliable ways to earn money on Arc8 daily. Check out how to play Arc8 and  earn on The app.

How to play Arc8

There are various games on the app that you can play daily Eg; playing of cards, solving of Puzzles, Action games, Arcade games, Joining tournaments, and playing 1v1 games against other players on the app . These are the games that can get you daily credit and tokens.


Difference between Arc8 Tournament and 1v1 

AR8 Tournament

The simple difference between the arc8 tournament and 1v1 is simple.

In tournaments – There are no limit of participants, a huge prize money is set for the top performers on every tournament of which the top players Shares the winnings after every tournament.


How to join tournaments on ARC8

Their are 3 different tournaments on the app, namely – Token Tournaments (GMEE  Buy), Practice Tournaments (Credit Buy), Sponsored Tournaments (GMEE & Credit Buy).


How to Join Tournaments 

  • >>Select tournament of interest
  • >> Click “join tournament”
  • >> play game
  • >> Submit score after playing.

Arc8 1v1

In 1v1 – You get to compete with another player on the app. after which the prize money is taken by the winner after every match.

How to pay 1v1 on Arc8

  • >> Select a preffered game
  • >> Choose play for Token or play a practice match
  • >> Click on preffered tie (The level of tier is proportional reward)

Two Main currencies in Arc8 app

There are only two currencies in the app namely Credits and GMEE Tokens.

  1. GMEE TOKENS:  It is the official Crypto GAMEE. It’s earned by participating in Sponsored Tournaments & matches, the token can be transfered to external Walleted like Trust wallet or Metamask. The value fluctuates therefore always check Coinmarketcap for the Current value.
  2. Credit – Credits can be earned through completing daily tasks and playing games. This is designed mainly for developing your skills.


How to move GMEE From Arc8 To Wallet

Hope this information was helpful, git more enquires? Hit us up below on how to move GMEE from Arc8 to Trust wallet or Metamask.

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