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Health Insurance for Students in Canada

How to Get Health Insurance for Students in Canada

Most provinces give Canadian Designated Learning Institution students free health cards, which other temporary visitors don’t get. Students who aren’t eligible for insurance have a choice of private insurance companies.



Health insurance covers healthcare bills, doctor visits, prescription drugs, and dental costs. If you study in Canada, you should enroll in health insurance for international students. Your program Requires insurance for health care.

Even though Canada is known for having a free health care system, not all international students at Canadian colleges and universities have health insurance.


International students who want to study in Canada should take a glance at the options for medical care in the province before they travel. Most provinces mandate students sign up for private health insurance, but a few have programs that cover international students.

While some academic institutions require that students sign up for their health insurance plan, others give them the option to skip insurance if they already have private insurance.

In most cases, the insurance policy will pay for all necessary medical care, including treatment during an emergency, surgery, and expensive inpatient care. The costs of medical evacuation, rehabilitation, and hospitalization are typically covered by numerous health insurance programs.


How Much is Student Health Insurance Cost in Canada?

International students are entitled to free health insurance in the majority of Canadian provinces. Visitors and students who do not have free healthcare must have health insurance, as required by Canadian postsecondary institutions. Health insurance expenses for international students in Canada vary by province, region, and insurance provider.

Health insurance rates in Canada are $600-$900 CAD per year, according to the Canada Insurance Plan. The following firms provide health insurance to international students and visitors:

Manulife Financial;

Ingle International;

Cowan Insurance Group;


Allianz Global;

Sun Life;



These firms’ insurance packages feature several common advantages (the amount of each benefit varies depending on the plan), such as:

  • Medical equipment;
  • Private nurse care;
  • Mental health care.
  • Expenses for medical care and accommodations;
  • Trauma counseling.
  • Doctor’s fees;
  • Dental accident treatment;
  • Prescription medications;
  • Paramedical services;
  • Diagnostic services;


How to Apply for Health Insurance for Students in Canada

In Canada, each province has its own set of health insurance regulations and rules. Some provinces in Canada provide health insurance to international students.

If you are admitted to a college or university in one of these provinces, you need apply for health insurance by visiting the province’s website, filling out an application, and paying the premium.

If your province does not provide student health insurance, you may be forced to acquire a private foreign health insurance plan before traveling to Canada.

In this case, you will need to contact an insurance provider, choose the finest plan or package for your needs, fill out a thorough application, pass a medical exam, and pay the premium.


Top 5 Canadian Universities that provide student health insurance

If you want to study in Canada, some post-secondary institutions provide a range of healthcare plans. The following are several Canadian schools that provide specific health coverage to their pupils.

If you want to study in Canada, some post-secondary institutions provide a range of healthcare plans. The following are several Canadian schools that provide specific health coverage to their pupils.


Saskatchewan university student health insurance

The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union worked with Studentcare to provide health and dental insurance to international undergraduate and graduate students. Some undergraduates are automatically enrolled, while others must apply.

Default coverage includes the plan’s cost in tuition. Check your tuition statements or www.studentcare.ca for automatic coverage.


McGill International Student Healthcare

Montreal’s public Mcgill University is known for scientific research.

McGill’s DLI COVID-19 readiness plan passed. Foreign students and their families must purchase McGill International Health Insurance (IHI) through International Student Services.

Fall and winter Mcgill international students must pay $1,118 IHI.


BCIT student health insurance

International students at BCIT must have basic medical insurance. Students must get Guard.me private medical insurance. The school rejects non-Canadian insurance.


Seneca college international student health insurance

Seneca College full-time international students must have health insurance. The health insurance plan will automatically enroll you when the program starts.

Pay your balance at the start of each semester. Ontario health insurance covers eye exams, diagnostic lab and x-ray services, emergency services, and hospital dentistry care. Doctors and hospital ward accommodations are provided.

Psychologists, physiotherapists, and prescription medications are covered. This plan covers limited out-of-province and out-country emergencies.


UBC student health insurance

All overseas students at the University of British Columbia should have basic and extended health insurance for the duration of their programs. Provincial health care is provided via the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).

Except for students having health insurance from another Canadian province or territory, this program is open to anybody who has lived in British Columbia for at least six months.

MSP should be enrolled as soon as you arrive in the province if you want to stay for at least six months. Due to a three-month processing period before MSP coverage begins in British Columbia, you must have basic health insurance for the first three months.


Canada’s international student health insurance cost?

International student health insurance in Canada varies by province and insurer. Health insurance premiums approximate $600–$900 per year, according to the Canada Insurance Plan.


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