How To Earn

kkfact is a thriving program that is constantly growing each day. It’s a free rewards program that enables its users to generate outstanding online income at hours that suit them.


Similarly, you don’t have to pay anything to cash out on Kkfact. Enrollment is completely free!!

We provide consumers with a fantastic open-door opportunity to exploit the web and make extra money using their cell phones for FREE!! Your Activeness is Awarded for the same amount of time as your base withdrawal total amount.

Who can participate in kkfact?
Anyone can sign up for kkfact; all you actually need is a web-enabled gadget to play out your daily tasks on our site.

One of the ideas of kkfact is to help reduce joblessness in the general population by allowing people to earn money while reading news on the internet and navigating the web with us.


Can I Trust Kkfact?

You might be wondering if this is another ruse. No way, by any stretch of the imagination… kkfact is completely LEGIT. We stick to our word; You have the potential to make your first withdrawal after few weeks of withdrawal.


How To Earn Money After Enrollment

Kkfact was created, to enable young people on a simple approach to generate a truly reasonable income pleasant to your everyday existence, which raises the question of how difficult it is to Earn Cash on kkfact and what are the requirements to begin earning? Earning money on kkfact is simple; all you need is a reliable internet connection and a cell phone.

With our unwavering concept of guaranteeing that interested Nigerians enjoy and participate in the web-based earning opportunity, kkfact Income Program is totally made with the following earning Programs;

  1. Each comment on Post: N3
  2. Read News: N3
  3. Daily Login: N100
  4. Share Sponsored Posts: N100
  5. Affiliate Commission: N300
  6. Welcome Bonus: N500

Affiliate Commission – As a result of a successful registration, you are also an affiliate. = N300 for each individual you recommend.


When and how can you withdraw from kkfact?

Another question you may have is when and how you may withdraw your winnings from kkfact.

If it’s not too much effort, please keep in mind that on kkfact, we have made it simple for everyone to participate in our free program, thus we have planned out two important techniques of earning;

1. As An Affiliate (you refer individuals totally free with your extraordinary unique referral link)
2. Earnings from News or Activity (you complete routine errands on kkfact, no referral required)

Affiliates who have earned at least N20,000 can request a withdrawal on the 30th of the month.

Earners with a minimum of N15,000 are required to withdraw their earnings on the first of each month.

Note: You can be both an affiliate and an activity worker, and your payment will be deposited into your bank account in no time.


How Will We Pay?

Nigerian Bank transfer

Good luck.



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