How to Create an ‘Un-Grammable Hang Zone’ in Your House – Guide

At some points in our lives we have always wanted to keep some stuffs in an angle in our home where no one else sees them. But many of us will always ask, How do i create an ‘Un-Grammable Hang Zone. This is not meant for the public eyes Instead, refrain from doing it and keep the appearance to yourself alone.

Yes, that’s the basic idea behind the “un-grammable hang zone,” a specific area of the house that is so perfectly cozy and even a little dirty. And this unattractive, gram-free zone is currently enjoying itself.

In fact, no less a figurehead than Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has reflected on the existence of this particular space in the home on Twitter. And you’ll realize that this is completely the contrary if you’ve even just glanced at Instagram recently, where all the attractive people are showing off their best hygge-curated life.

And if it makes you feel happy, why not embrace something that is a little tacky or trite? We’re dealing with severe inflation, a war in Europe, and the lingering effects of a pandemic, so we’re overdue for something extremely fundamental (that happens to be cozy, too).

And let’s be honest, do we really need to share every beautifully decorated corner of our houses? Nope! So enter the UGHZ, also known as the un-grammable hang zone.

With assistance from real estate and organizing experts who are well-versed in the know, we’ll then take a deep dive into the world of un-gramable spaces. Here’s what this look comprises, why it’s become so popular, and tips on how to pull it off.


Un-grammable Hang Zone Meaning

Everyday homeowners secretly want this simple appearance, which they probably already have in their homes. a personal, disorganized hangout spot where individuals can be themselves. (And it’s long overdue!)

According to Marie Bromberg, a real estate agent with Compass in New York City, “I have been seeing this trend where individuals are posting their homes on social media, and it’s not picture-perfect.” Bromberg doesn’t mean it’s boho chic or another type of designer aesthetic when she says it’s “less than flawless.”

She says that some rooms have a deliberate clutter that makes them appear inviting, such as a heap of clothing in the background, some dishes in the sink, or unfluffed pillows.


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According to Bromberg, “This movement is taking off because it feels genuine. Although the inhabitants of homes with a UGHZ can still look very wonderful, they “seem more relatable.” Additionally, having a UGHZ indicates that “you genuinely live there and you’re not just living on the internet,” according to Katie McCann, Haven’s chief organizer.

People should feel “welcome and like they can stretch out—and not as if they’re sitting in a museum that’s too perfect to hang out in,” according to McCann, who lives and breathes cleanin. , Bromberg totally agrees with this viewpoint.

She says she is drawn to these feeds and homes because they provide her with timely advice from people who are actually there.

How to Create an ‘Un-Grammable Hang Zone’

  • Pick A spot in your Home
  • Ascertain the properties you need to set it up.
  • Make sure its an angle accessible by you alone unless otherwise.
  • Gather your materials
  • Brainstorm your perfect look
  • Finally; start arranging your ‘Un-Grammable Hang Zone.


Best Spots for Un-grammable Hang Zone in your Home

Having spots in your home that gives you joy and defines your real self can be fulfilling especially when you have those spots in areas that you cant showcase on the internet eg, Instagram and snapchat. where are the right place to have this spots in your home?

  1. Under your staircase
  2. Beside your bedroom
  3. In your study.
  4. On Your Bed
  5. And any hidden angle in your room.



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Photos of Un-grammable Hang Zones

How to Create an ‘Un-Grammable Hang Zone

‘Un-Grammable Hang Zone

Un-Grammable Hang Zone

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