How to Claim Marvel INU Token airdrop | steps to claim 100,000,000 $MAV in 2022

New cryptocurrency coin that is taken over the forex market is Marvel INU, this platform makes very easy to cliam a wopping $230 free of charge after registration.

cryptocurrency has emerged as one of the wealth creation means in the society and Marvel INU gives you the opportunity to withdraw into your personal crypto wallet . This is How to claim Marvel INU Token Airdrop ;below is the procedure to join and a miner of marvel INU. this token is made for charity purp0ses and it  features gaming , videos, NFTs and other dynamic ways of mining $MAV and get credited to your crypto-wallet directly.


what is Marvel INU all about ?

Below are some of the major information you need to know about Marvel INU

What is the main purpose of Marvel INU airdrop?

  •  Its a Meme token mail for Charity aim and purposes alone
  • IT also features games , videos ,NFTs , and other dynamic features to entertain users on the site .
  • the launch date ids scheduled to be 24hours post POST_PRESALE.
  • The probable release date is on the 2oth of February this year.
  • the Estimated total supply is 100,000,000


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what is the official Currency of Marvel INU Airdrop?

The recognized currency of the Marvel INU is known as $MAV ( which is in dollar currency)

How to Contact Marrvel INU Token Airdrop |contact info & Address

  1. Website URL:
  2. Official Telegram channel:
  3. Facebook Page – null
  4. Twitter Handle –


Marvel INU Official contract Address 

The official and verified contract address is 0x200460838c67c88bc4f46ff041dd9227c343387c 


how Start Earning on Marvel INU after Signup

  1. Token of 30 INU per user referred.
  2. Welcome bonus of 100 INU after signup
  3. Token earned will be payed between February and march


Steps to join Marvel INU

  • Step 1 – Join their official telegram channel and community.
  • Step 2 – Follow their Twitter Handle
  • Step 3 – Comment ,retweet, and share their posts on your timeline ,especially their pinned  posts.
  • Step 4 – summit your Bitcion address to them
  • Step 5 –

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