How To Become a Pastor in Dunamis International Gospel Center (DIGS)

The Joy of serving God cannot be over emphasized especially when you become a clergyman. Dividing the word of truth in your daily life. Dunamis International Gospel center is the home of Divine power as represented by the name “DUNAMIS” meaning power. This Guide on how to become a pastor in Dunamis will equip you with the necessary details you need.

As a member or non member in Dunamis International gospel center, there is always a tendency that you can become a pastor in the commission. This is so because the commission is open to pick anyone into ministry provided you are called and meet the needs of the commission .


Requirements to become a pastor in Dunamis?

Among others, there are basic necessities needed to be ordained in Dunamis International. Going through Foundation teachings, Being an active member in the commission, You must have gone through Maturity class and other requirements that will be explained in details in this article.


How to Become a pastor in Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

These are the basic requirements a prospective member should meet in order to become an ordained pastor in the church.


Be a certified Dunamis Member.

You cannot lead an organization without knowing the basic information and mode of its operation. Same applies to becoming a minister in Dunamis. To become a certified member you must have gone through.

  • 1. Foundation school – This is the preliminary teaching and probably the first teaching you will receive as a new member on the commission. It takes approximately 1 month to complete. It’s consists of 3 classes and an examination after which your certificate will be issued to you.

Significance of foundation class

* It teaches you the doctrine of the commission.

* It helps explain the new life of Christ after one’s conversion.

* If equips one for the journey of being born again.


  • 2. Maturity Class

To be identified as a full member of Dunamis, you are required to go through maturity class. The class equips you on how to live your life as a Christian.


  • 3. Be identified in a Department

As a prospective pastor you must have served in one department in Dunamis. Note This is not compulsory but its is necessary. Working in departments will prepare you for the journey you wish to embark. It gives insight about the do’s and don’ts of the commission.


Get a certificate in Ministry

Immediately you meet the above requirements, the next thing you have to do is get a certificate in Ministry. This usually takes take less than a year to complete, in some cases it can last More than a year. The course prepares your mind and soul for the challenges in ministry and how to tackle them. It can be done in your state headquarters or Dunamis pastoral school.


Get a Pastoral certificate

Pastoral certificate is meant for those who are fully convinced to go into ministry Proper. Here the nuts and bots of ministration is broken down piece by piece. From how to pray, counselling, Charges and Management of human Resources in church. This program usually last for a year.


Get a Partner

To become an ordained pastor, you need a wife or husband as the case may be. Therefore it’s paramount to get be married before your ordination date.

The Above qualifications is enough to be Ordained in Dunamis International gospel Centre. But you can offer to further your education in theology for better understanding of ministration.


Admission requirements

To apply for Pastoral school in Dunamis, you need to at least hold an SSCE Certificate. And it’s required that you can communicate fluently in English language




What’s the Age limit to become a Pastor in Dunamis

To be ordained a pastor you need be above 18 years old. However you can be working as a junior or assistant minister of you are below the stated age limit mentioned above.


Can I be a Senior Pastor with a Pastoral Certificate

No, To become a Senior pastor your are required to get a higher certification called the “DIPLOMA IN THEOLOGY”. This certificate further equips you for higher positions in ministry


What is the Salary of a Dunamis Pastor

According to my, The average salaries for Dunamis International Gospel Centre is 105,000 Naira. Note – This is an average calculation therefore the actual price might differ in future.

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