February 27, 2024

How Can I Run Facebook Ads with my Mobile Phone and Make Money with Little Budget (Guide)

Running Facebook Ads on your phone can be profitable when you do it correctly. Now the question is “How Can I Run Facebook Ads with my Mobile Phone”. There’s no limitation to what you can attain on Facebook and that’s the more reason why you should have the knowledge of how to utilize your phone in running ads on Facebook.



How Can I Run Facebook Ads with my Mobile Phone?

The primary target of every Sales person Is to drive more sales and that where Facebook ads comes to play.

With billions of users, Facebook has helped People grow their business online. Now let’s talk about the profits and opportunities you have when you run ads on facebook.



Advantages of running ads on Facebook

1. Immediate Approval – Unlike physical adverts on television and radio stations, Facebook Ads takes less than 5 minutes to start displaying to your target audience, that is, if you place and ad on Facebook, it will be approved immediately, provided it meets Facebook terms and condition.


2. Large Audience – With over 30 percent of the world’s population on Facebook, you have all the audience you need to hit the ground running on Facebook, that is, Your Business will be displayed to billions of peple daily and you will make money sitting at the confront of your home.


3. High Conversion Rate – Facebook has been proven by experts to be the best ads converting platform in the world presently. With its broad audience and the ease at which the Organization presents your ads to customers, you are sure that half of the people that comes across your adverts clicks thereby giving you more opportunity to make money.


3. No limitations – There are no Limitations to the number of ads you can run on Facebook. Provided you have enough money to push your business on Facebook Ads, then be rest Assured that Facebook will accommodate as many ads as you wish to run.


4. Targeting – Another Important aspect of running ads on Facebook is the targeting. Facebook allows users from Asia to target audience from any part id the world. There’s nothing like tribalism or racism on the App. Mark Zuckerberg and his team has made this platform a run to spot for advetizers. So it does not matter your location, all you need is to fund your ads account and make Money.


5. Guarantee – Once your Ads starts running you have the guarantee that everything will work out perfectly. Facebook protects its customers and makes sure it serves their ads to the right audience for higher convertion.


6. Total Control – You have full control of your ads. For example, if your ads is not meeting your goal or not converting as you want, you can switch your ads off and amend your placement. That’s amazing right? And many more advantages that are not listed above.


Who is Eligible To Run ads on Facebook?

This is one question that almost everyone asks before they begin to run ads. Well, Anybody is eligible to run ads on Facebook but there are some limitations on Facebook Ads and they are

  • 1. You can’t Run ads without An ads account
  • 2. You can’t run ads with an ads Restricted account
  • 3. You must have a debit card connected to your ads account.
  • 4. You must be an active Admin of a page before running Ads.

In Exception of the new The professional mode by Facebook.


What do I need to start running ads on Facebook with my phone?

There are some basic things you need to start running ads on Facebook.

  • Firstly, You need a Facebook account without ads restriction. A Facebook account is the Basic needs to start campaigns on Facebook. Without this you can’t advertise your business on Facebook.


  • Secondly, You need a Facebook page. For best results, it’s required for users to create a Facebook page and run ads with it. This gives you more flexibility and conversion.


  • Thirdly, A Means of payment is very important if you want to promote your business on Facebook. Get a virtual card or ATM card and link to your ads account.


How to Run Facebook Ads with your Mobile phone

The limitations of many is in their ignorance of doing things the right way and that’s why I have taken out my time to educate as many as possible the best way to run Facebook ads to their business with just their phone. Yes this sounds wild but it’s the real truth. As we have always encouraged, Your phone is equivalent to any Laptop out there. The only thing you have to do is to master how to use it properly. Today we are Going to walk you through how to do this the right way.

Below is step by step guide on how to create a Facebook campaign and get good result for your business.


STEP 1. Get a working Facebook account

that can run ads. To check if your account can run ads, click on the Three Dots at the top right corner of your Facebook dashboard > Scroll down and click on ads manager. You will see if your account is eligible or not.

How to check for Facebook Ads eligle account

STEP 2. Create a page

You need a Facebook page to run a Profitable Facebook Ads. To do this , click the 3 Dots at the top right corner of your account > Click on pages > click on create page and create one.


Step 3. Download Meta Ads Manager App

Go to Google playstore and download meta ads manager and login. Note : You don’t need to open a new account , you are only required to lo


Step 4. Creata new ads Campaign

To do this click the + button on your dashboard as shown on the image below.


Step 5. Click on the format of Ad you want Run.

For instance , If you want to promote a page/Get video engagement/promote a post/Get website traffic/ etc, just make the selection and proceed. ( For the sake of this article, we are going to be targeting on getting website traffic)


Step 6. Pick an image that defines your ads properly.

In this case I will advice that you choose a photo that will attract engagements to your website. Make sure the image describes your ads better.

How to run Facebook ads with your phone


Step 7 – Write your Headline and primary Text

This Is a section that will require constructive thinking. Followed by primary text.


Step 8 – Input your website Url.

If you wish to run ads to your website homepage or to a page on your website . Copy the link to and paste on your Meta ads Manager.


Step 9 – Choose your call to Action Button

Before you make this selection make sure you have identified the best call to action that suits your blog perfectly. For myself I always use the LEARN MORE button. But you can choose from the variety on the dashboard.


Step 10 – Choose Your Target Audience

Here you are require to select the country , city or region of your choice. Make sure select the right audience for higher conversion.

How Can I Run Facebook Ads with my Mobile Phone?

Step 11 – choose Budget

According to your capacity, choose the amount you desire to spend everyday. You can also select the period you want this ads to Run.

Choose your budget


Step 12 – Link your Card

Lastly you can link your card . Here you will be required to input your credit or virtual card number, Cvv and transaction Pin.


Step 13 preview Your ads.

Here you are required to preview your ads , make corrections and see how your ads will look your target audience. In most cases, you can always change/edit the ads before proceeding.


Step 14 – Click Order

Once you click order, your new ads will be review by Facebook and it will go live in minutes.



How long does it take Facebook Ads to go live ?

Once you have created your ads, Facebook team will review it and it will go live immediately it meets Facebook standards.


Can I create a Facebook Ads with my mobile phone?

Yes, You can create facebook ads with just your phone and start making money 💵 .


Why is Facebook Rejecting my Ads ?

There are many reasons why Facebook will reject your ads. The main reason why your ads will be rejected is

  • If your Website link is not compatible on Facebook.
  • If your image violates their policy law.
  • If Your Credit card is not active.


Can I change the link in my Active Facebook ads?

Yes, it’s possible to change the link on your active ads , but you will have to wait for some minutes while it undergoes preview.


What’s the minimum Amount I can spend on Facebook advert daily?

There’s is no limitations to how much you can spend on Facebook Ads but the current minimum amount per day is 1.00 USD.


How do I Decresae my Facebook Ads cost per click?

Your target audience determines your Cpc although on some cases, Facebook determines this algorithm.

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