20 facts You Should Know About Foreign Farm workers in Canada Guide

If you are dreaming  of working abroad, especially in Canada as a farm worker.

There are basic information and guidance that you need to be able to get a farm Job.

We have taken this into cognisance thereby gathering this Information for foreign farm workers in canada, including those aspiring to go to Canada for farm jobs.


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20 facts about farm workers in Canada

1. In Canada, Farm workers in are employed in the agricultural sector.

The type of job may include crop production, livestock farming and packing of produce among others.


2. There are approximately 300,000 farm workers in Canada in 2023.


3. It will interest you to know that almost 70% farm workers in Canada are temporary foreign workers who come to the country on a seasonal basis.


4. The farmng regions in canada are Ontario, followed by British Columbia and Québec, they are majorly the regions that farms most.


5. The basic farm workers in Canada does tasks like planting, harvesting, attending to livestock, and keeping farm equipments safe and in good condition.


6. The foreign country with the highest number offarm workers in Canada are Mexico, Jamaica, and other countries in the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America.


7. As a Farm worker in Canada, you are expected to work long hours, with many working 10-12 hour days, six or seven days a week during peak seasons.


8. A farm worker in Canada earns average wage of around $14-$15 per hour.


9. Most people working in farms in Canada lived in housing provided by their employers, which is often on or near the farm.


10. Housing for farm workers in Canada must meet certain health and safety standards set by the government.


11. As a Farm worker in Canada, you are  entitled to basic workplace protections, including the right to a safe and healthy workplace and the right to be free from discrimination of any kind.


12. On the other hand, farm workers in Canada are not unionized, those makes it difficult for them to negotiate better wages and working conditions do themselves.


13. The COVID-19 pandemic affected many farm workers in Canada, with outbreaks reported on several farms and concerns raised about the living and working conditions of temporary foreign workers.


14. In 2020, the federal government allocated over $50 million. This is to support and protect the health and safety of temporary foreign workers in Canada.


15. Farm workers are currently demanding the right to protections for farm workers in Canada, including the right to permanent residency and better access to healthcare access for all farmers in the country.


16. Farm workers in Canada often experience abuse by their employees due to bad working condition and nationality.


17. Canadian government has constituted a mandatory rest periods and better access to healthcare.


18. Many farm workers in Canada are not educated, this makes it difficult for them to advance in their careers.


19. Farm work can be physically demanding and can take a toll on workers’ health, including increased risk of injuries and respiratory problems.


20. One good thing about Canadian farm workers is that they take pride in their work and the important role they play in producing food for Canadians.


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