Is public prayer Wrong? Here’s All you need to know about Public Prayer

Many people are still doubting if it’s right to pray in the public, public prayer is something everyone needs to understand, which is what I’ll be explaining in the post.

You might’ve been in a situation whereby you had to pray in the public, and you’re bothered to know if public prayer is right.

In this post, I’ll explain everything you need to know about public prayer with some biblical examples.

What is public prayer?

Public prayer is the act of praying in public and is usually done by religious people. Public praying can happen anywhere, at school, at work, on the road, and in a gathering.

Many people are against the idea of praying in the public, but even the Bible asks us to pray always.

Everything you need to know about public prayer

Public praying is only wrong when the person is hypocritical, meaning, when the person is doing it for self-glory, to make man see him/she when they’re praying.

God searches the heart, not the mouth or action. No one can deceive God, he knows who’s truly calling upon his name.

Anyone practicing public prayer just for self-glory, such person can’t get anything from God through that way.

What did Jesus say about public prayer

Jesus said that public prayer should be done in private. Public praying is a sign of hypocrisy and an act of showing off. This was because the Jews prayed in public, so that man could see them while praying and give glory to them.

One moment in the Bible where Jesus encouraged public praying was when he led the disciples in prayer shortly before his arrest and crucifixion.

This tells us that when we pray, we have to pray from our heart, not to make men watch us. Public prayer whereby there’s a gathering of people with the same heart and mind towards God is always a great thing, even Jesus also encourages public prayer, when he told his disciples to gather In one Accord, meaning to gather with the same heart and mind towards God.

What are the benefits of public prayer

  1.  It forces God to take quicker action:
    The Bible says one will chase one thousand and two will chase ten thousand, meaning, the gathering of people in public places, like church auditoriums, fellowships, and crusades will force God to take fast action.
  2. Praying in public can give the person a feeling of community and belonging. It can also help them feel less alone and more connected to their surroundings.
  3. Public praying can help people find peace, hope, or comfort in their lives. They may feel like they have someone looking out for them when they pray in public

Why is public prayer important

I’ll list why public prayer is important to Christian

1. To keep God’s commandment:

The Bible says “the gathering of the saint should not be forsaken” (“Hebrew 10:25”) God wants his people to gather together and pray, which is also classified as public praying.

2. To draw down the presence of God:

The Bible says, “Where to or more people are gathered the Lord is there” the Lord likes the gathering of people.

3. To pray for God’s help:

The Bible encourages us to pray always. 1 Thessalonians 5:17“Pray without ceasing”. This is also likewise in public places when you are in trouble or hardship and you can call upon the Lord and he will answer you.
Don’t pray a hypocritic public prayer for men’s glory, once you’re praying from your heart, God will come to your rescue.

How do you say a prayer in public

To pray public prayers properly follow this guide below.

1. pray from your heart:

let God see you clearly that you are praying for his help, not for self-glory.

2. Pray in the spirit:

Praying in the spirit is another way of saying public prayers.

3. Pray in connection:

his is done when you’re in a Christian gathering. You can connect in the spirit to edify each other.

4. Pray bowing your heads:

one way to avoid people from setting their attention in public places is by bowing your head down.
Maybe in your office or school, you can place your head on your table so people won’t set their attention on you.

5. Pray with understanding:

Being in a place like work, school, and market place e.t.c. it’s advisable to pray silently, praying silently is for you not to disturb other busy people around you. This shows you understand the kind of place you find yourself.


Public prayer is a means to connect to heaven and speak to your maker. Public praying in another sense is very important, cause the church where people fellowship can be classified as a public place. And God instructed us not to forsake the gathering of the saint.

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