Everything You Need To know About Prayer

Prayer is the most important of all Spiritual duties of we christians. Prayer is the key to power and it gives every christians authority over devil and his agent. As you may know Prayer generally is said in words; by word god created most things.

We are justified by prayers. so if we humans are not praying we can lose all our entitlement from God. including prosperity, health, peace and protection even salvation.

What is prayer?

Prayer is a communication and conversation between God and man. It is also the greatest force connecting we mortal man with the immortal God for a supernatural fellowship together and divine intervention.

Importance Of Prayer


Generally we all know How important prayer is. Mankind has tried their best in proffering solutions to life’s problems and challenges.

To a good extent, some solution has been found but only temporarily. The ultimate solutions not been achieved by us in our own power.

The only permanent solution to our problem on earth is God; and the only way to God is prayers.

Why you should pray

Life on earth is full of challenge. Every human being like me and you is seeking for solution to life’s problems and the only fastest way is through prayers.

We take a look at reasons we must pray.

1. To obey God’s commandments -luke 18:1

2. Secondly we pray to achieve our destiny

3. Prayer bring about usual unusual things into life- Numbers 16:30

4. By praying we obtain change in our life for better – like 18:34-43

5. We can also pray to overcome challenges of the world

6. Prayer are meant to maintain your relationship with God- psalm 51:11

7. Your prayers make people see Jesus in your life

8. You pray to posses your possession Obadiah 1:17

9. To make people see Jesus in your life and win souls

The different Kinds of prayers


2. Curse praying

3. Forgiveness prayers


5. Enquiry

6. Authority prayers

7. Assurance prayer

8. Heart praying

9.open heaven

10.Loosin prayers

11. Intercessory prayer.

12. Congregation prayer

13. Asking prayers

14.Repentance prayers

15. Meditating

16. Warfare prayers

Why you face hinderance to answer of prayers/unanswered prayers

  1. Sin
    Sin can easily cause hinderance to answer To your prayers.

Examples of sins ( Lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh And pride of life)

2. Unforgivenness
Unforgivenness means when you fail to forgive and forget.

3.Lack of Faith:-
Faith is when you have strong belief in supernatural power. However Lack of faith means you don’t believe or you are being doubtful While praying.


Praying is the only way to request from God, so if you want something from God, you only have to pray in Truth and spirit. i assure you, your prayers will surely be answered.

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