Dunamis Weekly Activities and their Time (2022)

Just like every other Church Dunamis International Gospel Centre has specific time for programs in the Church; before we discuss Dunamis weekly Activities it will interest you to know that In 1996 Dr. Paul Enenche had the opportunity to either travel to London to further his education or Stay back in Nigeria to answer the Call of God. He Chose to answer his call and his Ministry has since then Blossomed Spiritually and Globally.  Today we are going to list out all the weekly activities of Dunamis int’l. we have compiled the complete list of the Dunamis weekly activities.


Dunamis Weekly Activities And time

Days Of the WeekProgramsTime
MondayNo Global activity although Individual Churches can fix their Individual activities in local Churches NO Specific time
Tuesday1. Healing & Deliverance Service
Live with Dr. Paul Enenche
(Senior Pastor, DIGC)

2. Choir Rehearsal
Time: 900am

WednesdayMidweek Communion Service 5:00am
FridayWorship And Wonders Night ( Headquarters) Holds every last Friday of every month. 9:00pm till Day break.
Sunday Church Service (3 service is held on Sundays)

1st Service - 6:00am
2nd Service - 8:00am
3rd Service - 10:00am

1st Service - 6:00am
2nd Service - 8:00am
3rd Service - 10:00am


Dunamis Tuesday Healing And Deliverance Service Program

The healing and deliverance service normally holds every Tuesday 9:00am in Glory Dome with the head pastor Paul Enenche. Members gets to experience the/how-to-get-dunamis-tv-channel-on-gotv-dstv-startimes-and-other-free-to-air-decoders-live-stream-programspresence of god as the anointed man of God unleashes prophetic declaration and administers healing to the sick as well as deliver those those who are possesed by evil spirit and demons. During the power packed program the captives are delivered and liberty overflows. Individual Churches connects to the church headquarter in Abuja. To join the program individually, you can navigate to the churches official youtube account every Tuesday to live stream the program.


Dunamis Choir Practice and rehearsal Day and time

Every church without a functioning Choir department is deemed to fail and Dunamis international Gospel Centre has full knowledge of this because they have devised a means of raising raw musical talents to glorify God. Dunamis has raised popular musicians like Prosper Ochimana / Mercy Chinwo etc and These musicians are products of the Dunamis choir. Every Tuesday is set aside for the choir to come and rehearse songs for ministration,  aside Tuesday individual churches are tasked to choose between Friday and Saturday for their second and final rehearsal against Sunday service.


Dunamis Wednesday Power Communion Service

The midweek service holds once in a week, devoted members of the church gather to have the feast of the Holy Spirit. The Various members looking forward to miracle from God gather every Wednesday in their various churches to take Holy communion in the presence of God. Members are expected to fast from home to church prior the Service Proper with Head  pastor Paul Enenche alongside other anointed Dunanis Pastors from the church.

Individual churches are charged to link up to the head Quarters via the churches satellite , alternatively they can also connect through the internet via Youtube or other livestreaming platforms to be part of the Communion service. Dunamis International Gospel Church has proven to be one of the most successful churches in Africa in the recent years pioneering soldiers of Christ who are filled with the Holy Spirit. Christians who are ready to push the gospel to every end of the earth. In summary the Communion Service is a spiritual awakening program that prepares members for the task of spreading the gospel.


VENUE: Glory Dome – Dunamis International Gospel Centre Abuja, Nigeria.
DATE: Every Friday at 5:00 PM
TOPIC: Power Communion Service
EXPECTATION: Members required to fast and come to church with a heart of expectation.
Watch Dunamis Communion Service Live here

Dunamis Worship and Wonders Night

Worship filled is a the best name one can give this program as it embodies different series of worship and praise which in turn leads to down pour of miracle and grace as well as Liberation. This program takes place every last Friday of the every month at exactly 9:30pm till daybreak. The main program takes place in the headquarters while individual churches has the option to join  the headquarters via satellite or do their program in their local churches. Dunamis worship night is fun filled as different groups gets to perform on stage. the spiritually filled arena produces a wonders as God comes down burdens from attendees .

Worship and Wonders Night Details

Venue – Glory dome, Abuja and local churches

Time – The starting time is 9:30pm.

Events – There is presence of song presentation, Prayers and Charges.

Dunamis Weekly Activities , Dunamis Tv Channel

Dunamis Sunday Service Time

The deal day is Sunday as the man of God mounts the Altar through out the services held on the through out the day. ON Sunday; Dunamis international Gospel Center hold three services. At the Headquarter the Head pastor Dr. Paul Enenche  Preaches the world of God while the branches can either connect or hold their individual service at the various locations. Below is the breakdown of the three services held in the church.

1st service –  Starts 6:00am

2nd Service – Starts 8:00am

3rd Service –  Starts 10:00am


Frequently Asked Questions About Dunamis

What time is Dunamis Service Today

Dunamis International Gospel Centre  holds its service three times on Sundays; first service starts at exactly 6am, Second Service starts exactly 8am and the third service starts at 10am.


Dunamis church Abuja Sunday Service Today

To join Dunamis  Church Abuja Sunday Service, kindly navigate to Youtube  through the  link below and follow the Sunday service live from anywhere in the world or Join them in any Dunamis Church around you.


Dunamis Prayer Line

Emergencies may arise and the need to call your pastors may arise, if this happens you probably need an active Dunamis Prayer Line. To connect with Dunamis for prayers online, Below are the currently active Dunamis Prayer   Line that you can use to get them for prayers.

Prayer Lines

  • +2347003862647
  • +2348033144509
  • +2348033200320


Dunamis Social Media Handles

Facebook – @DunamisGospelHqtrs

Instagram – dunamisgospel

Youtuube –  Dunamisgospel



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