Doug Merkey the Hiding Place Sculpture and his other Amazing Artworks (Biography / Net worth)

It’s been heard that God instills special talents to individuals for greatness and Doug Merkey the hiding place has proven to be a testimony. Douglas Merkey has utilized his talents through hard work and persistence and it has brought him along way, today we will be taking a look onto Doug Merkey life, his Sculpture, paintings, wife and the other important information about him.

Who is Doug Merkey?

Douglas Merkey Rose to fame through his Artwork. He is a Talents France citizen From St Luis. The European Creates Beautiful expressive Sculptures with wood. He brings life to his art works. He lost his Mother to cancer.
He channels his artworks into explaining God’s creatures. According to the interview he rendered, this is what he had to say about his Sculptures and artworks “

Early in life, I became aware of my artistic propensities and abilities, which were confirmed when I was named the fifth grade’s “Most Artistic” student. I was urged to pursue business as a career even though I continuously created as a child, adolescent, and young man.

So I went with the most innovative business discipline I could find: marketing. My life took an unexpected turn in my thirties when I moved to St. Louis to attend seminary. I was inspired to more consciously pursue painting, at least as a hobby, by that setting and the way Christian theology promotes beauty and creative careers. At that time, I was also incredibly fortunate to receive a growing number of artistic projects. I eventually confirmed my artistic preferences after graduating and after numerous career shifts .


Doug Merkey Religion

He is a Christian; Growing up Douglas Merkey had a worldly view to Sculpture making, he never related his Artwork to religion until he was saved in his twenties when he started imitating pastor Smith Barneys Slogan by working hard for God. After he gave his life to Christ he turned his Artwork passion into a valuable asset in God’s house by making Gospel based Artworks.


Doug merkey friends


Doug Merkey wife

Merkey Is married with more than two kids although not much is known about his family. He keeps his family personal issues personal including his wife.


Doug Merkey the Hiding place Sculpture

The artist has created some very beautiful Artworks out of woods but the best so far remains the The hiding place Sculpture he made. Explaining Sculpture the hiding place he explained that “ the Sculpture represents God’s invitation to Mankind to hide in him.
The Sculpture has a woman clinging to a tall cross in a sober mood. Reference bible quotation is Psalm 32, David said “ You are my hiding place; You will protect me from trouble and sorround me with songs of deliverance. Below is the image is Doug Merkey the hiding place Sculpture.


Doug Merkeys the hiding place
Doug Merkey the hiding place sculpture


Doug Merkey Ruthless Trust

This is a Sculpture by Douglas Merkey which features a bronze Lady wear in clinging desperately to a walnut made giant cross. The Sculpture writes “ It’s A very simple expression of our constant and appropriate posture for life-total, unfettered intimacy with and dependency upon christ and the gospel”


Doug Merkey Ruthless Trust


Douglas Merkey Net Worth

Pastor and Artist Doug Merkey is makes a living out of Sculpture making and artwork. Although his Net worth is not known by anyone but surely his Sculptures and collaborations makes him dollars  daily.


Doug Merkey Sculptures Photos


doug merkey tortoise sculpture


Doug Merkeys the hiding place
Doug Merkeys the hiding place sculpture



To get in touch with Douglas Merkey visit his website via this link  The book his services.  Do well to see our related posts for more posts  like this.

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