Cashaam – How to create Virtual Card on Cashaam and easily Pay for your Social Media ads, Google Ads & Domain Registration with $5 Bonus

Today we will be introducing cashaam App and how to create Virtual Card on Cashaam . Paying for online services can be worrisome some times especially when you seriously need to renew a domain, continue running your Facebook, Tik-tok or Instagram Ads. Cashaam has bridged that gap completely by making it easier for Africans especially Nigerians to make their online payment swiftly without much stress, We are going to show you how to do this with your phone.


 How to create Vitual Card on Cashaam


Is Cashaam  ?

For businesses looking to launch an online store quickly, Cashaam is a top option. You may run an online business, sell on various social media platforms, and connect to a worldwide marketplace with Cashaam. The app also allow you to pay bills like facebook ads, instagram ads, TIK-TOK ads, Including paying for a domain on namecheap and other hosting companies. Create an online store with affordable costs, robust tools, and support to start accepting payments immediately from anywhere in the world. It just costs #6,000 to get going.


 How to create Vitual Card on Cashaam


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Cashaam login

Cashaam login is very simple and Easy all you need is your


How To Setup your Cashaam virtual Card

To open an account on Cashaam just follow the process below and start paying for your services online, remember you can also sell your products on Cashaam app as the app gives you global visibility to showcase your products to the world and receive instant payment without stress.

  • Step 1  Go to  their official website (Link is at the end of this article)
  • Step 2 –  Create an account with your (real name, Email, phone number and password)
  • Step 3 – After Login, click on Menu at the top left corner
  • Step 4 – Click on Marketing and read their terms and conditions for better understanding.
  • Step 5 – Click Agree and add money to your Card. ($1 is equal to #500) + $5 auto bonus from Cashaam.
  • Step 6 – Add your Card details ( Card number, Cvv and Expiry date) & confirm your OTP code.
  • Step 7 –  To view your card details , you need to confirm with the OTP code sent to you via number or email
  • Step 8 –  Congratulations, you can now use your Cashaam card run ads on facebook and tiktok and pay for your domain.

watch Video Tutorial on how to create cashaam virtual Card


How to Use Cashaam Vitual Card to pay for facebook ads

This is very simple once you know how to create a facebook campaign , Cashaam vitual card only comes in when you are about to pay.

just input your card number and all. ( NOTE – always make sure you have funds in your Cashaam virtual card before using it run ads on facebook or Instagram.

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