Canada Travel 2023: Check LMIA Requirements (Labour Market Impact Assessment)

In this post, you’ll find out what a Labour Market Impact Assessment is and how to hire temporary foreign workers.
Most businesses need an LMIA before they can hire a foreigner who is on a temporary visit. Before you start the hiring process, you should decide if you really want an LMIA.


An LMIA confirms the following:

1.  There is a need for a short-term foreign worker

2. There are no permanent or Canadian residents who can do the work.
To find out if you and the permanent resident you want to hire don’t need an LMIA or work grant, you can do one of the following:

3. Investigate the LMIA exclusion codes as well as the work license exceptions.

4. Choose the LMIA exemption or Job grant code that seems to be most suitable to your hiring scenario, and then read the specific description of how it works.

5. Choose the LMIA exemption or Job grant code that seems to be most suitable to your hiring scenario, and then read the specific description of how it works.

6. If you are employing a temporary foreign specialist who is both foreign and impermanent, you should get in touch with the IMP (International Mobility Program) Workers Unit.

  • now outside Canada
  • from a country whose citizens can’t get a visa


How to Obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment

You’ll need an LMIA from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada).
The procedure for submitting an application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment differs depending on the kind of program you are applying for.
Determine how to submit an application for a Labor Market Impact Assessment in order to recruit new employees.

  • low-wage income workers
  • high-wage workers
  • workers who are participating in the Occasional Agricultural Work Program
  • workers through the Rural Stream

If you really want an LMIA, the best way to get one is as follows: The TFWP (Temporary Foreign Workers Program) lets you hire foreign workers temporarily to make up for work and skill gaps.
When you get an LMIA, you should give a copy of the confirmation letter to every temporary foreign worker and tell them all to apply for a work permit.
You’ll require an LMIA from ESDC, Service Canada if you actually need the job.


How to find people to work for you if you don’t need an LMIA
You can hire temporary workers without an LMIA through the International Mobility Program (IMP). Check the LMIA exclusion code for your job posting to see if it applies.
If you hire a temporary foreign worker through the IMP, you will have to do the following:

  • pay an employer consistency charge
  • provide a proposal of business structure through the Employer Portal.


Before the foreign worker you need to hire can apply for a work permit, this should be done.

FM (Francophone Mobility) is for workers outside of Quebec who speak French.
Under the International Mobility Program, the LMIA doesn’t apply when Francophone or bilingual temporary foreign workers are hired outside of Quebec. This is because of the Francophone Mobility program.
Managers have a lot to gain from Francophone Versatility, like being able to offer services in both French and English and creating minority language networks all over the country.
hiring people in the area of Quebec
If you run a business in Quebec and hire through the TFWP, the temporary foreign worker will need a Quebec Acknowledgment Endorsement (CAQ) from the Quebec Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) before they can get a work permit.
If you are an employer in Quebec and you hire a temporary worker through the Pixie, you do not need a CAQ from the MIFI.



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