February 27, 2024
Canada Student Visa

Canada Student Visa – How to Apply In 2024

Each year, Canada receives approximately 135,000 international students who want to study in one of the numerous Canadian universities and institutions spread across the country. Let’s also bring to your knowledge that Canada is a very immigrant-friendly Country, and also one of the most popular countries in the world.


The appealing fact about Canadian education is the great facility and high level of professional teaching staff alongside the high-quality Educational system.  Makes the country a powerhouse in global education. 


Many students from different continents desire to study at Canada Universities and other institutes. However, Students always find it challenging to get the highly sought-after Canadian student visa. Here on Kkfact, we are going to guide you through the required information and application procedure during and after the application period to enable you to get accepted in this upcoming session on your first-ever application.



How to Apply for a Canadian Student Visa

International students who are not members of the Canadian Visa-Exempt countries always go through a lot of paperwork and application processes when applying for a Student visa in Canada.

Those wishing to study in Canada should note that there are a few things they need to put in place in order to get a Canadian student permit. This article details all the information and documents you need to get things right and stand out among your fellow applicants.


Let’s look at the basics of getting Your Student Permit. It will interest you to know that The Canadian student Visa is a compulsory document that enables international students to study in the country. Getting a Canada student visa enables automatically guarantees the student a two-year stay in the country. After which they can decide to extend their stay in Canada to continue their study. follow the complete application process below.

1.  Get your Acceptance Letter by Applying to a Canadian University

The first step to take before proceeding with your Student Visa application is to get an acceptance letter from a Canadian university. This is because you will need to provide the university acceptance letter before proceeding with your Canada student visa application.

Below are some Recommended Canadian university

  • University of Toronto
  • York University
  • University of Alberta
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • University of British Columbia


2.  Begin Your Application For a Canadian Student visa

Once you have gotten an acceptance letter from any of the Canadian universities, go ahead and apply for a Canadian student Permit. Here is the application procedure.

  • Apply for Canadian Student Visa online. This can be done through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website before Arriving in Canada.
  • However, If you can’t do this, it can also be done by post. Here are the documents needed to complete your application are;
  • Your Acceptance letter from one Canadian university and institute.
  • Submit complete medical examinations to clarify your health status.
  • Submit your criminal record that proves you have no criminal record.
  • Provide your Proof of Financial resources ( that will help you pay your tuition fees and upkeep) to sustain you through your Canadian study.
  • Submit complete medical examinations that state you are in good health.
  • Present proof confirming you have no criminal record.


3.  Prepare other Educational Qualifications and Documents for Student Visa in Canada.

  • Two recent Passport photographs embedded with name and Date of birth.
  • Filled Student Permit Application form 
  • Acceptance letter from a Canadian University.
  • Provide a Valid Passport/travel document for return to your country.
  • Financial support proof during your study program ( 10,000 and 11.000 CAD per year is required to live in the country)


The above information is all you need to apply for a Canadian student Visa, You can proceed to apply now.



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