February 27, 2024

Bitfada – Easy Steps To Make $5000 on Bitfada App Today

Bitfada is a fantastic cryptocurrency exchange platform with an easy-to-use user interface. You can trade using this platform with a lot of confidence. Their peer-to-peer trading platform is very safe and simple to use. There are also a lot of coins available for trading. Bitfada are a cryptocurrency-based online gaming project. Thier mission is to make your gameplay comfortable, safe, and, most importantly, enjoyable! they offer various game modes, simple chat, a help system, and other cool features that you must see!. In this article we are going to be showing you some simple tricks to maximize your earnings on the website.



Is Bitfada Legit ?

According to trust pilot reviews, the wesite has an average of 4.7 ratings making it seem realiable although their has been no verified details yet. Below are screenshot of some users review about bitfada.

is bitfada legit



How Does Bitfada work?

The website, Each participant in the game places a wager. The player with the highest chance of winning is chosen as the game’s winner. However, this is not always the case; even if you are in last place in terms of percentage, there is always a chance that you will win the game. Throughout the game, every player has an infinitely greater chance of winning a bet. that


How bitfada roulette work

Bitfada has different stages and amount to put in during games against other users. Here you stakke 1-7 in red or 8-14 in black for TWICE as many credits. For FOURTEEN times your stakke, wager 0 (green). Your odds remain the same regardless of the size of your balance or the amount you put. All stakkes on the website are placed in real time, so you stakke, win, and lost alongside other players. A provably fair system is used to generate all rolls, guaranteeing a fair roll each and every time. This further verifies the validity of the spinning system.


How play Dice game on bitfada

Write down your initial stake amount first. From 0 to 100, pick any range of numbers. It can be tailored to fit any price range. The odds by which your bet will be multiplied if you win will be determined by our website. The likelihood depends on the range of numbers you’ve previously selected. After you click “Play,” a random number will be chosen. The amount of your bet will be multiplied by the odds determined by the website prior to the start of the game if it falls within the range you’ve selected.


Bitfada signup

To signup on Bitfada all you need to do is to navigate to their official website and follow the procedure below

  1. Input your name/ phone number and personal information
  2. Input email and wait for verification mail.
  3. verify your account and proceed to KYC verfication (know your customer verification).
  4. Upload your permanent ID card (Voters card preferably)


How to fund Your wallet on Bitfada

Just like other app, it so easy to fund your bitfada account. You can add money to your account using a number of cryptocurrencies.

  • Through the “Balance” tab in your profile, you can accomplish this.
  • Simply choose the desired currency
  • Add money to your wallet through wire transfer/ Crypto ,Etherium or USDT.
  • The amount will be credited within 15 minutes and will appear in your profile.
  • Deposits must be at least $100.


How to buy Coins on bitfada and make huge profit

After funding your account , your balance will reflect on your dashboard after 15 minutes. You can start buying coins from other traders who are willing to sell their coins, Note – Coins are always chipper on Bitfada than almost every other platform. follow the procedure below to learn how to buy coins on bitfada.

how to buy coins on Bitfada

  1. On the top of your dashboard select “buy and sell
  2. Choose the coin you want to buy ( Bitcoin, ETH or USDT )
  3. Enter the amount you want to buy.
  4. Change your currency to naira
  5. Choose Bitfada wallet address ( you can use others but this mostly preferable.
  6. Click search
  7. Select the cheapest sellers and put the amount you want to buy
  8. click buy and the amount you purchased will be added to your account automatically.



How To sell The Coins on Bitfada

If you wish to sell your coins on Bitfada, its very simple and can be done in three ways

  1. Withdraw to your bank account
  2. Sell it on Bitfada
  3. Transfer to other bitcoin trading apps like Binance.


How to withdraw to your bank Account

  • Connect your wire account or link your ATM card
  • Put convert your coin to naira and withdraw to your account
  • confirm withdrawal when you see alert.


How to sell your coin Bitfada

  • Go to your dashboard
  • click on “buy/sell”
  • Select sell
  • Input the amount of coin you want sell
  • input the amount you are per coin and submit.
  • Wait for some while for users to see it and likely buy.


How to transfer Coins from Bitfada to other trading Apps

  • Copy the wallet address on your other apps
  • Click on sell on bitfada
  • Select coin type
  • Correctly input wallet address
  • And transfer


Bitfada token price

Bitfada (BTD) is a cryptocurrency, deployed on Binance Smart Chain(BSC BEP-20)

Contract Address : 0xecEa1bCF7aE8519B98AD9065D38673563aAD92e7

Price and Market Stats for BTD
BTD Liquidity: $

BTD Liquidity: $

BTD Cost: $

$ Market Cap

24 hour trading volume: $

Market Cap / Volume: N/A

24 hour transactions: N/A

24 hour low and high: N/A

7 days’ low and high: N/A

All time high : N/A

All time Low : N/A

24 hour changes: 0.0000%


Binance Smart Chain: What is it?

The standard payment stack is rebuilt on the blockchain by the decentralized financial payment network Bitfada. To enable programmable payments and the development of an open financial infrastructure, it uses a basket of fiat-pegged stablecoins that is algorithmically stabilized by its reserve currency, BTD. By the end of 2020, the network will have handled over 2 million user transactions totaling an estimated $299 billion.


Bitfada token price

To get Bitfada referral code , you need to sign up on the the website , on your dashboard locate your account section and copy referral code. When others use your code to join Bitfada, you will get a commission.


Bitfada.com review

Bitfada has been proved to be reliable according to Online hustle boss ; also Trustpilot holds them in high esteem as many people are already testifying to hte efficacy of the app. Got more question on this ? Drop your comment below.

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