Billy Graham Devotional for November 28 2022 (Monday)

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The sufficiency of God is the subject of Bill Graham’s devotional for November 28, 2022.
BOOK: John 10:10 VERSE: I’ve come so that people can enjoy life to the fullest degree possible.


In God’s plan of salvation, you have to experience the depths of despair before you can reach the pinnacle of ecstasy. You must become tired and weary of life alone before you seek and join the fellowship of Christ. Reaching the end of “self” is necessary for true life to begin. The day I learned that my own strength, goodness, and morality were insufficient in God’s eyes was the happiest of my life. I do not exaggerate when I say that my tears became laughter and my sighs into songs of praise. Happy are they that mourn for the inadequacy of self, for they shall be comforted with the sufficiency of God.


Prayer of the Day

By faith in Jesus Christ, you, the Almighty God, have granted me true life. My soul praises You.

Today’s Devotional from Billy Graham, Founder of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (BGEA). The mission of BGEA is to equip the church and the world to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through every available method.

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