Apply Now: University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship 2023

This page explains the necessary things you need to know about University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship 2023.

Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Calgary

Deadline: 1 Dec/1 Mar (Annual)
Study in: Canada
Starting in the fall of 2023.

Brief Scholarship description:

The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship is an prestigious award that is given to both native andΒ  international student who intend starting their first year of college at the University in the Fall and this includes those who has academic excellence in their area of study.


Calgary Scholarship is always given to students who have done well academically and have also done well outside of school.

  • Institution(s) hosting: Calgary University
  • Level of study/field(s): Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Scholarships available: Not defined.

Prospective Students : The people qualified for this is solely Students outside of Canada who aren’t citizens or permanent residents of Canada.


Scholarship Details:

Yearly new students are taken into the program. This scholarship is worth approximately $15,000. The Prestigious International Entrance Scholarship at the University of Calgary is ussualy renewed every year in the second, third, and fourth year at the University of Calgary. However, the renewal is only available to students who gets a GPA of 2.60 or higher on at least 24 units in the fall and winter terms previously.Β  In the four years of an undergraduate program, the total cost is $60,000.


Scholarship Eligibility:

All the International students who wishes to apply must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program that will start in the Fall term. Students who wants to get into the school must be new to the school. In all the scholarships, a student must have a GPA of at least 3.20 to be considered. They must also have met the university’s requirement for English language skills.


How to fill out the form:

Application proceedure is always a not to crack when applying for scholarships. However is paramount to know that As soon as you apply for admission, you can also apply for scholarships. The early admission deadline is December 1, 2022, and the scholarship deadline is March 1, 2023. (standard admission).

Visit the official website (link below) to find out how to apply for this scholarship and get more information.



The official Website for the scholarship is :


Deadline 9f scholarship

The admission starts on the the 1st of December and ends in March. The earlier the Aplication the better chances of approval.


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