7 Powerful Secret on Prayer For Someone

Prayer is the main key way we are able to tender our request before God,  I’ll be focusing on how to pray for someone: 7 simple ways To bring immediate answers in this article.

A lot of people have been asking me the same question, how can I pray for someone.

Praying for someone is a good means of helping people, interceding on behalf of  someone can be helpful in so many ways. most times your prayer for someone is better than giving people money or goods etc.

This article would show you how to pray for someone and the seven best ways to get it done with immediate answers.

What is a Prayer You Pray For Someone

How To Pray For Someone
How To Pray For Someone


Praying for someone means interceding for a person, a friend, family, neighbor, or anyone.

Most times prayers are more effective when we confess it with our mouth, but it doesn’t means prayer said for someone won’t be answered.

A prayer is a form of communication with a divine being, either done solo or in the presence of others. Prayers are usually directed at a divinity, such as God or Heaven, or an object of worship.

Prayers are often performed in response to a perceived need or according to an agreed-upon ritual. The person who prays may pray alone, from memory, from a prepared text, from written materials that have been read aloud in advance.

Prayer can help in many different ways. It can help you feel that someone understands what you are going through. Prayer also gives us hope that things will get better.

That is why it is important to pray for people, so they know they are not alone and there are people around them who care about them.

Howevery Not all prayers can be said for someone.

Example of prayers we can’t pray for someone

there are:

1. Prayer of repentance

2. Prayer of thanksgiving

3. prayer of confession

This are the prayers you can’t say for someone no matter how close you maybe.

1. Prayer of repentance

This is a kind of prayer that you say to accept Christ into your life and to forsake all sin and evil ways of any form.

Such prayer need to be said personally and willing .

2. Prayer of thanksgiving

A prayer of thanksgiving is the type of prayer we say to worship and thank God for his good works over our life.

It’s a way to show appreciation to God and must be done personally.

3. Prayer of Confession

A prayer of confession is a prayer we say to confess our sins onto the Lord.

must times people find it hard to share their sins to each other but not withstanding.

We go before God individually.

I’ll assure you that no one can help anyone confess He’s/her sin.


Why we must pray For someone

Prayer is a form of religious worship. It is the act of addressing one’s thoughts to a higher power. It can be directed towards God, gods, or other aspects of spirituality. Intercessory prayer is where one person or group prays for the benefit of another person or group.

We are all human beings and need each other in order to grow and thrive, so why not reach out to your community with love prayers? Praying for friends, neighbors, family members is just as important as praying for yourself.


Prayer is an integral part of any Christian’s life. The Bible tells us to pray for our friends, family, and neighbors.

Prayer Point 1: We should pray for our friends by praying for them rather than worrying about them.

Prayer Point 2: Praying for the one who doesn’t know Jesus Christ.

Prayer Point 3: Prayer point-prayer request-prayer intention-prayer intention for you

prayer point


1.Prayer for Someone for  to be saved

O lord I come to your presence at this very moment, cause you sent your only beloved son to come and die for our sins that we may be saved. I pray that you save your (son/daughter), and set them free, that they may know you and also serve you.

 2. How To Pray for someone else

father I’ve come to seek from you, for you to help and bless your (son / daughter) that they may grow in you.

Lord strengthen their spiritual, show your wonders in their life. in Jesus name

3. How To Pray For Someone You Love


I stand representing my …..(name of )pleading that you’ll show us mercy that we may move and grow in love and happinesses all the days of our lives.


4.Prayer for someone in need

My lord my father I’ve come to you knowing that you know all our needs and short coming. You created the earth you created our soul and spirit. We know you can do everything for us lord.

We have come unto you, cause you said in your word come unto me and I’ll answer you , and will honour you. Provide for all our needs according to your riches in glory.

5.How to pray for someone who is dying

lord our life is yours the soul also belongs to you. My lord my father breath the breathe of life into his life that he may live long on earth in Jesus name.


6.How To Pray For Someone with Depression

How To Pray for Someone that's feeling depressed
A depressed woman sitting on the window

Any spirit of depression in the life of my (brother/sister) working to weak their spiritual life, to make them powerless, and to bring worry into their life, I pray o lord that you remove such spirit in Jesus name and give them strength to work with you in Jesus name Amen.


7. How To Pray for Someone WHO is Sick

How to pray for someone sick
How to pray for someone who is sick

The spirit of sickness working in the life of my (brother or sister) in other to waste their time on earth, and to steal good thing from them I pray father that you send your power of healing to come upon this life in the name of Jesus Amen


In conclusion on the Prayer For Someone

A prayer for someone is important for every Christian that really want a peace and happy community.

Many people does not know that when they pray for their friends, family and neighbor it helps for a better community.

So saying a prayer for someone you love or just a neighbor will help improve the community.

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