25 profitable Low investment business Ideas with high Profit in Nigeria 2023

Nowadays the business world has become so flooded that its has become hard to Make Profits in small businesses. The world has gone digital therefore any business you are into,  Your publicity strategy can give you the upper hand over your competitors; picking a low investment business idea for low investment high returns is paramount to your success.

But what happens when you can’t find a suitable business Idea around your environment that will fetch you enough funds to become financially free?

We have sourced profitable Business ideas you can start in 2022 that takes less than $100 starting capital.


If you pay good attention to this business ideas that we are going to share with, identify a suitable business for your self and focus on it. Definitely you are on your way to financial freedom.

Note – These ideas where sources directly from active practioners who are thriving in the individual area of business listed below. These business can be started any here in the world.

Let’s dive into the main business 


1. Drink / Fruit Business


 Drink business ( Tigernut drink)
Tigernut drink

No doubt, drink business is one of the most lucrative business you can start with very little capital, the drinks-businesses you can start are – a zobo business (This is an indigenous African recipe consumed in every part of the world), tigernuts drink including some other fruit drink such as smoothie or milkshake. If possible you can make a kiosk in a strategic location where workers can easily walk in to buy from you, as time goes on you can even start to distribute it. If you can master one of the drink-making and become the best on it, then success is sure.

Please do not go on the street picking used bottles to start this business, packaging really matters, go to Lagos island or anywhere in your state where these things are being sold, get a transparent bottle, give your business a name, not necessary you have to register it at the beginning, get a sticker for it, you can print 100-200 at first then proceed to get the ingredients needed to make the drinks, you don’t need a freezer if you can’t afford it, many people buy ice to chill their drinks. This is one of the most 25 profitable Low investment business Ideas with high return & profit in 2022.

A very good example are the guys that are always in front of covenant Christian center at Orile iganmu in Lagos, these guys sells bottled handmade drink such as gingernut, lemonade, zobo etc, you don’t want to know what they are making.

In order to fly quickly, you can also niche down, if you want to focus on smoothie and milkshake do it and if it’s zobo and tigernut do it. Don’t get too busy doing many things, remember it’s scalable and a perfect low budget business idea with high profit.


2. Dry Cleaning / Laundry Business.

Laundry service business

People are really busy and many don’t like to stress themselves with washing and ironing of cloths these days, I have three white towels and two white bedspread, I don’t wash them myself not because I can’t but because I just want the dry cleaner to wash and package for me and because I do not really have the time, I do most of my laundry but my bed spread, towels and my white wears are done by my dry cleaner. This is a lucrative business for strong minded.

You can start by Washing with your hands before you are able to afford a standard washing machine and every other necessary equipment.

You will need divers of soaps because you can’t wash all fabrics with powdered detergent, you also need iron, bleach, transparent nylon and your sticker, just as simple as that, Business has started.


3. Home service barber and hair stylist

An African male barber wearing a protective face mask cuts a young boys hair at his house. Haircut during the Covid19 pandemic. Barber doing home visits to cut hair.

Barbing and hair styling is bae. Do you know that stylists and barbers are making so much money today? Na your work go sell you sha, you have to be extremely good to attract good customers. Establish your skill and make your styling distinct.

They charge way higher than a regular stylist or barber that’s in a shop, a friend of mine in Lagos is making a lot of Money through home service.

The skill is needed first of all, then your equipment such as combs, stretcher, clipper, oil and creams, an apron that can used to cover the body of your customer, hand dryer etc and you are good to go.

Also when you are going there do not dress anyhow, if possible get a branded tshirts for your business and wear it whenever you want to go render your service.

You can also add the business of hair accessories sales to it, hair band, hair clip, hair extension etc.


4. Plantain Chip Business.

Plantain chips business
A packaged Plantain chips

This might sound wield but listen. Anytime I go into any mall to shop for groceries and I see many chips made by different brands I can’t but smile, to make it to that rack you might need an Business Approval number by Good but I’m not sure if that’s a must but you don’t have to wait till then to start to make money from this business, with $50 or less than $50 you can start a plantain chips business, you need a frypan, a jar of oil, chips cutter, your sticker, your transparent nylon, a sealing machine and it can be gotten on Jumia / other online platforms for less than $4 and plantain in the market or any other place where you know you can get plantain at a very good price.

You can start by distributing online at a discount rate, don’t expect to make huge profit from the beginning, remember you are just coming into the market where we have existing players and you can only break even by doing something different, if they are selling theirs for 12 packs for a thousand, make yours 13, you may think one doesn’t make a difference but mama oloja and traffic sellers or supermarket owners won’t take an extra pack for granted, that extra 100 naira you’ve given to them is a lot.

Packaging is very important and it has to be neatly done with good taste, the difference between local Chips and plantain chips is the packaging therefore package your business very well .


5. Fashion Business

Fashion business in 2022
Plus Size Woman Choose Fashioned Dress in Store. Plus size women shopping.

This business is in two categories, it’s either you are buying a ready made items to sell or you are making them newly and that’s for people who can sow. 70% of the cloths in my wardrobe are Nigerian made, made by some beautiful and creative Nigerians. You go to Markets, buy different materials, design styles and make them, get a model to put them on or be the model of your business, get a good photo of it and put it on the internet, run ads for it and watch people making order but there are rules to this, don’t sow just anyhow thing and expect people to order, your finishing touch should be perfect and the style you make must be appealing to the eyes.

There are two Ladies I buy from on Instagram, these ladies have done so well for themselves, I knew when one of them began and today her designs are being shipped to many countries of the world, purely made in Nigeria wears, today she doesn’t sit to sow anymore, shes currently having 6 ladies sowing for her, if you don’t know them you might know Joshua Dombo the founder of Boghet, he is doing amazingly well right in the city of Uyo in Nigeria, lots of designers are also working for him but he wasn’t like this from the beginning.

Imagine finishing a dress with $3.5 and selling for $8, one thing is this, if you are good you will sell.

Furthermore, you don’t have to know how to sow to get this done, you can get some good people that knows how to sow, sign a partnership with them, they sow and you pay them while you sell to make money, people don’t care who makes the wears, what matter is that you are giving them quality. Fashion brand is growing, you might want to look into that aspect.


6. Home cooking and delivery business

Home cooking delivery service
Indeginous food for delivery

According to Tade, a successful home cooking delivery lady, When I was living in gbagada, a remote place in Nigeria, this was the business I did before I went back to school, I created a timetable of food for each day, went to lekki phase one, adebayo street, many offices operates there, I printed a flyer and dedicated a whole week to informing them about my intention to be bringing in their lunch, at the end of the week I already got over 100 people that have taken my nunber, I told them I’ll be starting the following week of which I did, I got their number and created a WhatsApp group, I take their orders so I can know the number of plates I’ll be preparing for the following day, I began with the menu and that was how they began to trust me, some even pay for a whole month, they can have jollof today, tomorrow it’ll be poundo with vegetable or semo with egusi, portage with fish and vegetable, I sometime make them golden yam with fish sauce or native rice, plantain with vegetable etc, in a day I was making about 10-15k profit depending on the number of plates.

When I gained my direct entry admission and I didn’t know how to combine the work with school, it ended and they kept calling to express their displeasure about it, “you fed us for that long and we got used to your food and now you’re leaving us to starve again” if you work in lekki you’ll know that getting a very affordable meal that’s filling is one of the problem faced by the workers there, not everyone of them can afford to walk into an eatery and eat a food plate of 2-3k but I was then selling a plate of food for 600-1000 depending on the protein on it.

You might want to consider this business, all I can say is that it’s lucrative, I gained my feet in Lagos through food sales.

I am a very good cook and I also did three months in catering school back then😀

So you see, she made alot of cash and you too can if and only if you know how to cook


7. Small chops business.

Chops business ( sharwama & egg-roll)
Fried Chinese Traditional Spring rolls food in ceramic plate (beautiful shape) on white background

There are countless of events on a daily basis, people order for this thing online and there are people who sell in their location as well.

To start this business you don’t need much, you Need chicken, flour, veggies, Groundnut oil, get your stickers and packs then start.

Just start, my brother and sister start small and grow big, you can also add shawarma to it, I had an outing few weeks ago and there’s this guy on Instagram who makes shawarma, I ordered 30 shawarmas from him because of his service and the special taste of his shawarma, this guy does his thing inside a small kiosk on the island and he is making his money.

If you have good customer service and strategy you will sell, it’ll get to the point that you’ll say to get big contract for bigger events, company’s anniversaries, annual event, seminars and conventions. Just start.


8 Online Coaching business

Online Coaching business
Online coaching service

Coaching or teaching is a business and you can make so much money from it by teaching what you know, there are many things that you know so well, things that you are vast in knowledge about and many people want to know these thing, you can make so much money by teaching people and consulting for them.

A person doing this so well on Facebook is Mr Emeka Nobis , he teaches marketing, how to sell your business to the world, he also teaches the act of story telling and many more. His cheap money class fetched him over two million naira within a short period of time and one good thing about this is that you can record what you know one time and continue to sell it for ever.

Enough of your giving it all out for free, monetize your skills and abilities, the gift of a man maketh way for him you hear.


9. Cleaning Services Business.

House cleaning business
Two women, mature women cleaners from cleaning service, cleaning floor in apartment together.

This is one of the businesses that’s doing so well currently, people are busy with work, family, life and many other things and they won’t mind paying some extra cash to get their home or office space cleaned by a professional.

You need your cleaning equipment, your detergent, chemicals, as portrayed in the photo below, flyers and good content for adverts.

This business is something that can stabilize you quickly, all you need is that first client, render a good to the first client and watch them do word of mouth marketing for you.


10. Thrift or okrika business

There are some accounts on Instagram and Facebook that sells only thrift wears, there are places you can get this wears in. Your area, go there and select whatever you want to sell, select first grade, rewash, iron and package them, then sell at a better price, as times goes on you can start to buy these things from abroad yourself or travel to Cotonou.

You can sell on Facebook, Instagram or even create a website for it and drive traffic to your website through ads


11. Fruit business

Fruit business

This is one business that has gained much popularity in the last couple of years expecially since covid.


You can start this business with $30 or less, get a strategic location, go to any other fruit market, buy varieties of fruits such as apple, pineapple, plum, water melon, pear, avocado,banana, cucumber, lemon and many more, start small and sell to people. I have a fruit customer because I’m a great lover of smoothie, I buy them in varieties and blend, there is no day I don’t eat at least two fruits.

You can as well package some as fruit salad.


12. Bedsheet Business

Bedsheet business idea 2022
Dont you just love the smell of fresh sheets?

Bedsheet production and sales is no doubt one of the business that’s flying right, one sweet thing about it is that many people aren’t into this yet, go to the market, get good fabrics and cut them into different size of bed, you don’t even have to know how to sow before considering this business, there are people in the market that can do that for you.

Sow them in beautiful colors or patterns then advertise and watch your customer troop in.

A good camera will do the job for you. Good luck.


13. Egg supply Business

Crates of egg for distribution
A lot of egg in black plastic pallets display for sale in local fresh food market

A successful egg Business lady Oma wrote; I once did egg supply Business, then I do make 100-150 naira on a crate and there are weeks I supply up 150-200 kegs, I know people supplying over a thousand crates to 5000 crates per week.

This business is a hidden business that people don’t normally thinking of, is there anything you want to buy or eat today that you egg isn’t part of the ingredients? From bread, to cake, chinchin, snacks, restaurants, the consumption of egg is hoooooooge.

Go to poultries, meet with the owner and strike a deal of supply with them, trust me when I say these farmers have lots of people picking from them so don’t rely on one poultry farmer, have them in numbers so you won’t always run out of supply.


14. Jewelery Business

How to start jewelry business in 2022

Jewelery Business will continue to be here, you don’t need a shop or any physical store for this, you can buy earrings, necklace, bangles or bracelet etc at a very good price then resell to make money.

You can visit the market or trade fair market for these products, there are wholesalers that will sell to you at a discount rate and you make good merging on each item.

You can project your business online and your business on social media, create a page, run ads, surely you’ll get customers if you have good collections.


15. Boxers productions and sales.

I visited the market in 2020 , I saw things that amazed me, all these beautiful boxers we buy and see in the Market are made by right under our nose.

By the time you get the fabric, a yard can give you up to 6 boxers that you’ll later sell for 1000-1500.

You know the most amazing thing about this business is that you don’t have to know how to make it, there are people in the market that makes them, many people are into this business.

Package them well, seal them up and you can even give it a name, then advertise for sales.

16. Shirt Production:

T-shirt business idea 2022
Thoughtful woman at home doing the laundry and carrying a pile of ironed shirts

This business is sweet, many of your shirts at home are Nigerian made😀 but you don’t know, go to island market, , get nice fabrics and sow or give to tailors there that can sow them, add your label to it, iron them well and fold them properly in a revealing nylon then market, Omo this business is made easy.

Your customers are bankers, cooperate workers, you can either meet them physically or position yourself online.


17. Cake and confectionary business.

Cake baking business idea

This business will continue to exist because people will always buy cakes and pastries. They are used for various events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc

This is a business that you can start with not much of a capital and it’s scalable, if you don’t know about this get to see  Gidicakes is doing.

Get a Tokunbo mixer, flour, eggs and all the ingredients needed, the only thing about this business is that not everyone knows how to bake, if you have this skill good for you and if you desire this business but without the skill you can acquire that first.


18. Popcorn business

How to pop corn business in 2022

You need a bag of corn, fancy transplant nylon, your sticker, sugar, butter, salt, honey, flavor as well because you might want to get creative with it, you can easily learn the skill from someone or YouTube, then your popcorn making machine, you can either buy the electric own or gas powered own, you don’t need to break the bank, get a used machine, not necessary you buy the new one if you can’t afford it.


If you want to make very good sales, get a little bit creative with you packaging by using a branded paper or branded disposable cup like the one in the photo, get a location that’s really good and start, people can’t resist the smell of freshly made popcorn that is made in a clean place, no too much marketing, popcorn markets itself but if you want to start distributing it to stores, extra work is needed.


19. Printing Business

How to start shirt Printing business

I know this sounds impossible right😀, nothing is impossible, the major places known for printing Business.

Go to these people there, seal a partnership deal with them, let them give you the permission to advertise with some of their made items, get contract to print on shirts, bags etc buy the shirts or bags or whatsoever item, take them to these people, let them do their job while you deliver to your customer. See ehn, customers don’t care how you get a job done once it’s done it’s done, start like this and make more money that will be enough to scale the business..



20. Tutorial classes Business

Tutorial class teacher

People pay a lot to get a tutor for their children on how to do many things, such as mathematics, diction, piano, guitar etc.

Brand yourself as a solution giver, project yourself in a manner that’ll make these parents feel that if they don’t hire you to tutor their children they can’t get a better tutor.

Get them to subscribe for at least a month to teach their children, there are some of this lesson that you can teach online, you don’t have to go there physically, it’ll help you have more students to attend to at the same time and their parents keeps paying your salary.

Also you can focus on few children in as much the pay is good.



21. Branding and customization business.

Cloth branding business

You can start to seek for contract to brand items for people such as Ankara, pen, jotter, Jessy, shirts, caps, hand band, mugs etc

Some of these items can be found Major markets, Make inquires and get them. People who print on them are always in the same market where they are sold  as well .

Start small and grow big


22. Female underwear and Lingerie business.

Female underwear business

That you don’t see this wears doesn’t mean people don’t demand for them, there’s a huge demand for underwear and lingerie, locate a market to purchase these items.

I mention island the most because I live in Lagos, buy them, package them, take nice photos of them and Market them for sales.

You can as well as night wears to it.


23 Fast Fish Garden Business

Point and kill fish

This is another business that is very lucrative and less time consuming. You can buy fishes for as low as 1$ dollar, prepare it and sell to people at the rate of $4. The good thing about this business is that it’s only functions in the evening.


So you can go to work, come back in the evening, setup your kiosk and start cooking and roasting for customers.


24 Phone accessories Sale

Phone accessories business

It’s rare for you to see anyone without a phone right now and we all have one or two challenges with out phones.

People want to change their batteries, phone case, earphones and airpuds, charger, screen protector, headphone, buy selfie stick, car mounts, Bluetooth earbuds, Bluetooth speaker, car charger and many more.

People buy these items daily, you think it’s nothing until you meet with one tiny guy at computer village in a very tiny space making more than your salary.


25. Fast food Business (Indomie & Tea)

This is an exceptional business that requires less stress. With $30 you can start this business in a clean area and scale it with time.

All you need to start are ; 2 frying pan, A medium size pot, 2 dozens of Forks/Spoon, 3 cartons of Indomie, 5 litres of groundnut oil, 2 dozens of flat plates, A tin of chocolate & milk,  1dozen of rubber cup and bread. You can increase with time.



If you are able to identify any of the business ideas above and focus on it. After 3 months you will see how far you have gone. We wish you success in your business career. Finally, if you have any enquiry to make about the above ideas we shared above. Our comment section is open for your questions. Kkfact says Goodluck.


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