20 Best Saskatchewan Real Estate Agents in 2023 – Current and Updated List

This century has seen the demand for real estate agents rise beyond the predictions of specialists in the 20th century. Saskatchewan real estate industry has grown so big that realties compete for recognition, This post is targeted at revealing Best Saskatchewan Real Estate Agents. A skilled real estate agent functions like the director of a concert, bringing together many participants to ensure a successful transaction. Real estate agent plays a variety of roles throughout the transaction, including marketer, analyst, business manager, adviser, mediator, salesperson, and buyer’s advocate. Successful real estate professionals have a number of characteristics, according to our research.
This includes the number of houses they have sold, the number of properties they have rented out, and the success rate of their entire career.

For the purpose of this post, we are going to be unveiling the best real estate agents based on the following facts

  • Integrity and sincerity – Based on numerous kinds of research, realtors that are sincere find it very easy to land offers even more than educationally qualified agents.
  • Professionalism in business – Clients always want to deal with agents that can represent their interests in difficult conditions. So professionalism counts among the qualities of a good agent.
  • Network of connections – Connections play a good role in landing real estate agents deals from new clients and that’s as a result of the rate of deals they have completed in the past.
  • Engaging professional attitude – Successful real estate agent markets themselves in addition to selling homes. It’s crucial to display your true self. If you have a positive approach that is friendly and honest, confident in your skills, and eager to assist others as well as yourself, people will respond to you.
  • Market Knowledge – An updated reality is always a winner. To succeed in real estate, you need full knowledge of the current trend in your industry.
  • Houde Design Expert – As an advocate of your clients, you have to gather more knowledge of house designs to favor your clients, this includes discerning the real price of structures by mere inspection.
  • Social Media Influence – Cash security matters a lot in real estate. Before a client trusts you enough to the point of trusting you with their property and money; they are likely to go through your social media handle for reviews by other clients who have worked with you previously. Below are the top Saskatchewan Real Estate Agents currently.


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Current List Of 20 Best Saskatchewan Real Estate Agents


1. Agent Jess Nakrayko

Poised to succeed in real estate, has single-handedly risen to the most successful realty in Saskatchewan through her influence on the social media platform.


2. Agent Lacey Cossette

The secret to becoming prosperous lies in your ability to utilize social media in projecting estates. Lacey is a professional realty who is renowned for completing deals in no time.



3. Agent James Bailes

He is both! Visit James’ amazing Facebook and Instagram pages right away. Agents who want to stand out from the competition must excel on social media as well as in sales.



4. Agent Norm Grodecki

With Reliability, Honesty, and Commitment, as well as his knowledge of Saskatoon, his hometown, and the surrounding areas, he will help you through the real estate process and educate you along the way, whether you’re selling your current house or looking for the ideal one. Norm makes sure you or your referrals are represented with honesty, integrity, and respect throughout the whole real estate transaction or process, whether you are buying or selling, a friend or family member, a coworker, or a recommendation.

  • Quality – Real Estate Expert
  • Firm – Century 21 Fusion
  • Social Media – Facebook,  Linkedin
  • Website – NormG.ca



5. Agent Heather Fritz

Building her community on Facebook and Instagram, Heather Fritz is a top real estate consultant with basic knowledge of realtor trends from around the globe.




His residence in Saskatchewan dates back to May 12, 2003. Since then, I’ve gone to post-secondary school and held a variety of occupations, including cab driver and engineering technician. He developed his life from having no money in my account to enjoying a reputable lifestyle.


7. Agent Ryan Tomyn

Understanding the nuts and bots of realty can go a long way to empower agents on the decision to make during transactions, follow him on social media platforms to get the latest tips in Realty.



8. Agent Tarren Newhouse

Tarren is a new house agent putting in a lot of energy in making realty easy for both the buyers and the sellers. She drops realty tips on her social, follow her on social media platforms.



9. Agent Ryan Bender

One of the most stressful transactions is buying real estate, but when you deal with Ryan, this isn’t the case. You’re missing out if you haven’t started following him on Instagram yet!

  • Quality – Real estate tips
  • Firm – eXp Realty
  • Social Media – IG – ryanbender__
  • Website – ryanbender.ca



10. Agent Bobbi Tienkamp

The heavy lifting in real estate will be handled by Bobbi. It’s encouraging to see Bobbi’s development on Facebook and Instagram.


11. Agent Shayla Ackerman

Shayla will ensure that the home-buying process is simple and pleasant.


12. Agent Kelsey Smith

Shayla will make the home-buying experience simple and enjoyable.


13. Agent Caitlyn Gallagher

She possesses a ton of the perseverance and drive that every agent needs! Caitlyn, stay current with her fantastic social media posts!

  • Quality – Real estate expert adviser.
  • Firm – W Real Estate
  • Social Media – FB – Caitlyn Gallagher, W Real Estate,  IG – caitgall
  • Website – realtor.ca/agent/2031174/caitlyn-gallagher-5g-south-plains-road-w-emerald-park-saskatchewan-s4n1c6


14. Agent Shelby Vincent

Shelby believes in the principle of trial and error method which has made her a household name in her industry of realty.


15. Agent Tanya LaRose

Having the best realty agent is the best step to a successful career in realty. Tanny is a professional agent who has completed many mega deals under his nose.



16. Agent Kang Kim

With RE/MAX Bridge City Realty, Kang Kim is a Commercial Specialist who serves all of Saskatchewan. Given his familiarity with the immigration procedure and years of experience running his own business, Kang stands out from most commercial agents in his ability to connect with clients on a deeper level.

  • Quality – Commercial Specialist
  • Firm – RE/MAX
  • Social Media – FB – Kang Kim (김강현)
  • Website – kangkim.ca


17. Agent Jesse Honch


Jesse, who was born and raised in Prince Albert, graduated from Carlton Comprehensive High School and then moved on to SIAST Palliser in Moose Jaw to earn his business certificate and diploma in marketing. Jesse has great knowledge and expertise working with properties from beginning to end thanks to his prior work experience in construction and as an insurance broker.

  • Quality – Digital Marketer
  • Firm – Coldwell Banker Signature
  • Social Media – Facebook
  • Website – jessehonch.point2agent.com



18. Agent Shawna Schira-Kroeker

In 2009, Shawna Schira-Kroeker joined the RE/MAX group. Shawna specializes in commercial, residential, agricultural, and lake property real estate. Shawna, who has a strong foundation in agriculture, was born, grew up, and presently resides on a mixed farm with her husband Kirby and their three children. Shawna quickly understood that real estate and home improvement are her passions after completing a number of DIY home repair projects and learning how to landscape on her own.

  • Quality – Residential, Agriculture, lake property, and Commercial real estate Consultancy.
  • Firm – RE/MAX
  • Social Media – Unknown
  • Website – shawnaschirakroeker.point2agent.com


19. Agent Darren Bostock

His goal as a realtor is to market your property by connecting with all potential purchasers, and I can only accomplish this by carefully planning out a market strategy. Blindly using any or all Social Media platforms will merely increase the number of possible properties available, which is already quite high.

  • Quality – Real Estate Marketing strategy
  • Firm – Global Direct Realty Inc.
  • Social Media – Facebook, Linkedin 
  • Website – www.darrenbostock.ca


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20. Agent Mike Mengering

He is recognized in Saskatoon as a top agent when it comes to social media. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook!  

  • Quality – Social media realty coach / professional agent.
  • Firm – Coldwell Banker Signature
  • Social Media – Instagram
  • Website –  blog.coldwellbanker.com/staging-tips-to-enhance-your-homes-appeal



In Conclusion, There are other real estate agents who are also doing well in the industry that may disolace some agents on this list soon.



Who are the top 3 real estate agents in Canada?

1. Jennifer Queen Winnipeg
2. Manjinder Singh Brampton
3. Sunny Purewal Brampton


Who is the most rich real estate agent?

One of the wealthiest real estate brokers and developers, John A. Sobrato has a net worth of more than $11 billion. When he first worked as a real estate agent, he was just a teenager.

He created the Sobrato Organization later. His business has worked with companies including Google, Netflix, and others. He owns office space in Silicon Valley totaling more than 7.5 million square feet.



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